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Digital reel asks the problem is solved
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The problem reachs a phenomenon:
Common problem reachs digital reel solveMeans of settlement:
1, problem: The reel that I buy, 100 pieces of meetings give 2-3 piece useless piece
Solve: Adjust the job between very traditional machine and digital reel to cooperate
2, problem: Be in by " index " pushbutton, after printing index automatically to be able to be examined, print again
Solve: Install in < index please > in choice " protection is not printed " , press every time " index " hind press again " refresh "
3, problem: Photograph surface presents pulverization, there is double image on the photograph
Solve: LCD drive board voltage value has an error (need accredit technology personnel to adjust)
4, problem: Photograph sometimes normal, appear sometimes gules blue slants lubricious phenomenon
Solve: Take paper and exposure different situation, numeric setting is incorrect inside examination Comand (install afresh)
5, problem: The career that I make 3R, 7R is OK, what can do 4R is very slow, I am to install the reel on QSS1912
Solve: Check a machine numerical value of the aperture inside passageway of a few data is consistent
6, problem: Photograph exposure position is not in a center
Solve: 1) malposition of digital bottom titles truly (the place that checks reel, adjust 4 positions screw)
2) the examination is strong imprint machine cut paper, walk along paper data
7, problem: There is white spot on the photograph / macula
Solve: 1) occurrence white spot: Slant feature face has dirt, answer to be clear about in time
2) appear black inn: Feature face slants to have ash before becoming density officer, finish density school kept clear of again, should redo density school, keep clear of regularly slant feature face dirt
8, problem: Photograph definition is poor
Solve: 1) focal length is incorrect, should be opposite afresh anxious
2) did not add Sharp, should increase acute to change numerical value
9, problem: By " send " do not take paper
Solve: 1) enlarge imprints machine not was in enlarge to imprint condition or enlarge imprint keyboard has been used in the process (the examination before enlarge imprints ensures enlarge imprints machine be in enlarge to imprint condition)
2) shutter of colour enlarge machine was not opened (colour enlarge breakdown)
3) strong imprint accident is made abnormal or exposure rate and carry paper rate abhorrent (check and the setting is strong imprint machine tradition enlarge imprints normal, alter exposure speed and carry paper rate to agree)
4) signal is not had on LCD (show without image)

10, problem: There is image on LCD
Solve: 1) reel line or midway of power supply cord unplug fall to be received again on (restart computer)
2) before driving computer, already opened reel power source
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