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Technology of digital reel choose and buy wants a place
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The problem reachs a phenomenon:
Means of settlement:
Most brother export a system in number of choose and buy when, more or less to often go up in investment the consideration is most, the biggest the mainest reason is to arrive till now, a lot of people still do not understand means of liquid crystal exposure very. Or it is means of inimical liquid crystal, or it is the conduct propaganda that has blind faith in certain manufacturer. A lot of moment, because itself is civil,the portfolio of colour enlarge glides, and the investment that considers two extremes way blindly, ignore reasonable equipment. Have a reason more opposite depth, a few be engaged in a tradition developing imprinted practitioner before, investor is primary perhaps the tradition has not made clear Hunan, be done to get confused and disoriented by digital tide.

See here, if you are one does not understand liquid crystal silver,saline kind amount outputs, want to become knowledge one time on technical level, you can continue to look downward, if, you just want to go from this card the cost of means of estimation liquid crystal, sexual price is compared, you need not look at all.

Liquid crystal means is become on silver-colored salt printing paper picture, its are really traditional times, had existed. What the reference unit on the 2X8 set machine of Fuji uses liquid crystal means to obtain namely is video.

And the system of liquid crystal exposure to showing level, had been quite perfect, index of main a few technologies exceeded the expressional power of laser even. What requirement should a system of perfect liquid crystal exposure have? Do according to the country some detect orgnaization is issued document eligible product?

Above all, we should understand, imprint in traditional enlarge add on machine one is used at the number to become the unit that resemble, be not should also won't produce any undesirable effects to original colour enlarge system.

Of this accessory add outfit whether to reflect technical dominant position, we should look so:

The first: Besides reel smoke insert, of printing paper change, the thing that the itself such as the complement of liquid medicine is about to be participated in artificially, be in routine cannot become because of this accessory be not artificialize. But, the automatic set that printed sheet of the automatic changeover that enlarge Yin Pin, spread counts, enlarge imprints the switch of bulb should be by this auxiliary unit can be finished. If, you see reel of a number, need chooses enlarge Yin Pin to artificially, need printed sheet of manual input spread to count, need hand is moved go closing original enlarge to imprint the lamp, so OK and a bit more affirmative, this number reel is immature.

The conventional device of all sorts of model should be not being changed by the system of tripartite original and all circuit, the premise that does not affect original function leaves a control, so at least the system of this tripartite must know these machines and hep the function of these machines.
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