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The problem reachs a phenomenon:
Means of settlement:
The data shows, china everybody is annual and average film only 0. 2 film, his annual in big city average film makes dosage is 0. 9, camera popularity rate is 41 % in the big city such as Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou, and growing steadily, photography already made the one part that people lives daily gradually. Develop ceaselessly as Chinese economy, national income rises, photography activity will gain ground more. Accordingly, although the whole nation already had,rush imprint inn many 10 thousand, and Chinese video market still is put in very great development potential.
1 square kilometer 20 thousand person
Choosing management place is strong imprint the crucial essential factor of inn investment success or failure, business flourishing still closes closing down is completely hereat. Can say, into also optional location, be defeated also optional location. So, how Where is optional location? Market survey is indispensable.
Market survey should undertake inside 1 square kilometer, basically inspect the condition such as competition of density of consumptive ability, population, person of the same trade. Consuming ability is the first inspect element, if be residential area set up shop, should choose high-grade life village, white-collar living area, can have a case through observing car of home of each village illicit on the spot, decorate circumstance, living crowd circumstance to undertake judging. Just think, if consume ability inadequacy, the consumption that is used at travel, photography won't ideal, so strong imprint how can inn have the business again? Population density is the foundation that assures guest discharge, every square kilometer should amount to 20 thousand factitious appropriate. Compete to decrease, your target had better not have a person of the same trade inside the area, because people consumption often has the mentality that consumes with nearby chronically, unless your scale is larger than his, product, service is more perfect.
Optional location
Office of convenience and flourishing inmate
Business position is chosen was opposite, investment succeeded 90 % , what the 10 % that remain leans is strong imprint quality and service, operation and customer fixed position decided optional location level.
Investment is strong imprint inn, must decide operation above all, be a tradition is strong imprint inn or number are strong imprint inn. The tradition is strong imprint inn initial stage invests about 300 thousand yuan, and the number is strong imprint inn should be in 1 million yuan of ~ 2 million yuan between. Operation decided who your cause client is, determined your optional location direction. Be like, the tradition is strong imprint inside the supermarket that inn can choose good in consumptive ability dweller village or advantage, business area is controallable in 30 square metre ~ between 50 square metre, hire is cheaper; And the number is strong imprint the business area of inn should be controlled in 100 square metre, want even a few bigger, those who face is photography lover and company more white-collar, mix all round the high-grade office building that appropriate chooses to facilitate in traffic the set up shop inside trade group. Mix besides lover of dweller, photography white-collar outside, office group also is group of a when not allow to ignore significant consumption, the scale in income also is to not allow of small gaze. If can at the same time element of above of give attention to two or morethings has optional location, define business site, so your strong imprint inn will surely gain a success surely.
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