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Resemble the problem detailed solution of element greatly about digital reel
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The problem reachs a phenomenon:
Resemble the problem detailed solution of element greatly about digital reelMeans of settlement:
The reel that at present consumer of some agents misdirect says him has 300 much 400 much, even 7.2 million resemble element or more, but the 800 thousand resembles element number reel that its effect still is inferior to other reel, how is this to return a responsibility after all? With respect to Napulisheng digital reel is exemple: Burst straight Yuan of  of Xi of ⒄ of  of core of  of gizzard of    tries second shift of? of pa of aperture of a small tinkling bell, if be 1024*768 according to his actual resolution namely 800 thousand resemble element, have individual agent so of the product to show oneself have many like element tall, can estimate misdirect user and according to 80 × 9=720 10 thousand tell a client like element, if,calculate according to this shift 12, will increase 9.6 million like element, but this kind of view is unscientific. Have very big concern into the product quality that resembles frequency and it, some reel want shift 4 times to be able to achieve certain brand 9 times only the effect of displacement, so consumption should know, so called 7.2 million resembling element is the 800 thousand product that resembles element actually, when buying digital reel, can with sheet of second displacement it is like element fiducial, so different product can undertake was comparatived. At present gold is become and Pulisheng is to use what resemble element actually as the product like frequency of element × displacement, major product or it is with displacement number comes as what resemble element actually. Above represents the opinion of my individual only, ask everybody to correct.

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