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Digital enlarge imprints equipment purchases trap encyclopedia
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The problem reachs a phenomenon:
Means of settlement:
Trap 1: Price trap
This trap imprints with laser enlarge is being bought two years ago the investor experience of equipment is the most difficult, weak point time of two years, equipment price already from about a hundred 10 thousand drop tens of 10 thousand, the speed that earn money returns the rate that equipment of be not a patch on devalues. Because digital enlarge imprints,the technology is in the period of rapid development, prospective value changes to be forecasted hard. Must notice price trap when investing costly equipment so, beware of invests, the view of lifelong accrual.
Trap 2: Resolution trap
How the resolution of parts of an apparatus that certain production manufacturer publicizes him electron negative is like why tall, this is one kind buys trap actually. Real decision enlarge imprints of precision is the photograph is measured actually like prime number actually, and this and resolution of parts of an apparatus are different. What outstanding software technology, small displacement technology can make the photograph reachs resolution of electronic negative parts of an apparatus actually like element is multiple. To LOCOS this kind cannot undertake the electronic negative of joining together, perhaps do not cross the facility that close to technology of software joining together again, pure emphasizing resolution of parts of an apparatus is to conceal its defect actually. Return page head

Trap 3: Print colour trap
When facilities of number of choose and buy, investor can ask for print commonly. But investor often discovers, although manufacturer is offerred power of print colour expression is immense, when once throw,be being used, often appear however the problem with client photograph lack fidelity colour. Because manufacturer made motion on print,this is not, however the colour performance ability of reel of a lot of numbers is limited, can have better expressional power to certain color only, and manufacturer makes print with respect to the picture with certain and special option, becloud client. Want to do away with this trap, investor should prepare the photograph of a variety of a group of colour categories, undertake comparative a test. Return page head

Trap 4: Print is soft turn pit
Investor still often can encounter print soft turn more serious problem, casual meeting understanding is is a kind of normal artistic effect. But actually, of print soft change also covered the character issue such as reseau, stripe. And these problems, digital reel place often appears. Return page head

Trap 5: The other trap of print
Print is the key of character of investor understanding equipment actually, on this one annulus, manufacturer also expends idea. Commonly used gimmick still has provide small measure only those who offer is print, much it is tall contrast print. Former can explain admittedly for cost of large size print taller, but directer be willing is the amplification as print dimension, the blemish of character also magnifies subsequently. And the colour of print fluctuation part that tall contrast print can conceal problem of liquid crystal perspective to form is abhorrent problem, happy for manufacturer place of course with. Return page head
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