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Digital enlarge imprints of equipment purchase psychology
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The problem reachs a phenomenon:
Means of settlement:
Why to because the choice is bought,plant the number is strong imprint equipment is a quite professional thing. In this one process, the user often is weak force group, the " of did not sell essence of life that alleged " buys. Because this appeared,invest psychology variously.
"One pace reachs the designated position the case of " is big many now in the weathy large store in the city or strong imprint chain company, because these bosses have rich traditional enlarge to imprint experience, realize character is the key of management success or failure deeply, because this nots hesitate,heavy gold buys quality the entrance laser equipment with reliable, high price. Although call in the investment of equipment is not relaxed, but the supreme place that their as soon as possible held job of our region one's own profession. While they achieved a variety of accessory beneficial result, imprint for digital enlarge output formulate finishs sth an occupation standard on fact. Without giving thought to the price of equipment how, if short of this quality standard, inevitable meeting is washed out by the market.
Transfer psychology. Because invest digital enlarge,imprinted fund place is restricted or to market prospect do not be at ease, partial investor existence spends the psychology that not much money has a try. The " of plant family expenses that together with produces digital reel individually transfers the view of product " as him low the excuse of low simple product, make transfer the product is more popular. But transfer anyhow, character also should achieve a main demand, invest otherwise transfer Yu Lang expends product as good as.
Wait-and-see psychology. Since entrance installation cost is too big, digital reel matures not quite again, so redo of wait-and-see period of time decides. But also lost the market so first machine.
No matter how, in the process that buys equipment, rose to be opposite only photograph, right of equipment differentiate capability, ability avoids what run amuck on the market at present to buy trap.

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