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Leading defect of LCOS number reel
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The problem reachs a phenomenon:
Means of settlement:
One, the blemish of LCOS oneself parts of an apparatus

LCOS is light valve of liquid crystal of type of a kind of reflex, regard place of liquid crystal light valve as made digital reel with LCOS, manufacturing technology is simpler, reel installation is convenient, show some LCOS chip in the market, its resolution has the following kinds normally: 1.1280*1024, 2. 1280*768, 3.1920*1080, we know the liquid crystal light valve that uses this kind of resolution outputs digital photograph directly, its precision is far insufficient. Using transmission type liquid crystal (LCD) the digital enlarge that serves as light valve imprints the system can adopt small displacement device mobile fluid chip, be like transverse and fore-and-aft each move, can make picture resolution raises 2-4 times. The premise that small displacement device can work normally is: 1. Picture have between element enough big gap; 2. The permutation that resembles element is horizontal smooth upend. Otherwise, accumulate occurrence bedding face jackknife like element, make the photograph sends empty, the function that improves resolution is less than since.

And LCOS is different, its very few like the clearance between element, and be arranged like element show inclined to arrange, cannot rise through small displacement. Accordingly, 1.3 million LCOS resembling element can output the 1.3 million picture that resembles element only, and the 1.3 million LCD that resembles element can output the 5.2 million picture that resembles element however. This brought about LCOS to be not worth in the precision that outputs 8 inches of above, it is in the business with the need picture higher resolution such as output certificate, group photo, the effect that LCOS outputs is far also abdicate at coequal the LCD that resembles element.

2, the element of manufacturer

Those who need an attention is certain manufacturer sell need for its, also undertake to LCOS inclined to small displacement processing. This kind of processing technique rose finitely also to output resolution. But still cannot compare with the photograph of small displacement technology of LCD.

LCOS regards reflection as type liquid crystal, also have the advantage of oneself, the contrast that is parts of an apparatus then is taller. Products of a few simple LCOS number reel did not implement perfect colour management system, this one character that relies on LCD merely undertakes color is handled, also can get the picture of tall contrast, but what run a system as a result of colour is not perfect, the photograph of output is short of lubricious phenomenon serious. Those who concern this respect is detailed discuss request an audience " export is discussed character " .

Divide this beyond, as reflection type liquid crystal needs professional camera lens, cannot use original machine camera lens to undertake digital enlarge imprint, to the colour enlarge machine of a variety of model, the camera lens that LCOS manufacturer offers is not certain and appropriate, so they are used " the number is cut into parts put " the method satisfies an user the output demand of all sorts of dimension, the loss resembles element in great quantities, make picture quality drops. Because seek exposure rate one-sidedly, a few manufacturer increase LCOS brightness, make cannot appear on the photograph true " white " , namely grey haze is too big, if reduce brightness, can bring about time of exposure to grow too.
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