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Chengdu is connected one number, effective control clerk leaves his post take aw
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The problem reachs a phenomenon:
Prevent a clerk how effectively to leave one's post take away a client? Means of settlement:
If the clerk of your company leaves his post, because the clerk takes away the mobile phone and the meeting takes away firm client natural resources at the same time. If company clerk deployed to know number, business is few and missing, company benefit accrue.

You can choose scene mode or time paragraph mode, make you are in the office or be Lidouke is in the home makes first move goes to the incoming telegram office phone or residential telephone call are received listen, and do not collect move call fee.

There is cost on the number account that wants you only (can fill to connect with card full a cost) can hold the post of you to install phone of home, international, press IP endowment cost to carry out, but managing and costly mobile phone roams cost.

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