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Chengdu telecommunication is rolled out go to the lavatory namely quick " one is
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The problem reachs a phenomenon:
Means of settlement:
"The business is busy before, the phone is much, the client calls to always cannot find me, and the client wants to dial me only now ' one is connected ' number, no matter where I am, the client always finds me in time, be too convenient really! " this is Chengdu the article gentleman of some company was using Chengdu telecommunication " one is connected " the deep feeling that gives out after business.

Many commercial clients, private client because phone connection is frequent, because cannot be received in time,often hear a telephone call, cause needless trouble; In the meantime, the client hopes to be opposite again oneself personal mobile telephone or plane number undertakes keeping secret. "One is connected " business has intelligence move, never be busy, changeless all one's life, one is communicated, code protection, be at ease use wait for 3 big characteristics, the move that can install according to client place is ordinal, ordinal incoming telegram of the other side move arrives on different communication tool. Application " connect one number " number but all one's life use, never change, it has uniqueness and fixity, because change,prevented a client communication tool changes a brought inconvenience; In the meantime, when the client is undertaking call transfers ordinal setting, the system can hint the client is inputted " one is connected " number and 4 individual passwords, prevent a client " one is connected " number is embezzled by other ill will.

Chengdu telecommunication is rolled out " one is connected " after business ten days short in time, already more than 200 clients applied for to use this business. The client is being used " one is connected " hind report, this business makes their information is communicated not only more seasonable, still satisfied their confidential to certain communication number consumption to be used to.

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