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Dig greatly to connect concealment function
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The problem reachs a phenomenon:
Means of settlement:
On period " originally to the mobile phone the word is little well-informed ' bale ' " after one article print goes out, inquiries of a lot of reader incoming telegram are connected one number besides can many telephone number " bale " outside uniting number for, what use to still have? The Chinese iron that interviewed those who one connects originator to say for this reporter specially is connected, gouge a few connect one number little-known " concealment " function.

New function will leave

With people familiar Chinese net is connected, Chinese telecommunication is same, chinese iron is connected also is enterprise of operation of telecommunication of state-owned and large base. Have cover the whole nation, technology the communication network of all ready of advanced, function. The scope of business that already developed includes: International home speech, data, image and multimedia correspond, the fundamental telecommunication business such as service of domestic communication installation, and business of telecommunication of of all kinds appreciation. One knows business is Chinese iron is connected roll out the earliest in home, at present sort of user amount, business and technical level are in lead position. Connect in-house personage to divulge according to Chinese iron, chinese iron is connected still can connect to before long add new function.

Leave to be connected namely namely

Individual user holds the original of this person Id and photocopy, enterprise user holds business charter to build the Id of official seal and agency person, in China iron opens postal service hall or agential postal service hall can be dealt with. After formalities does, you take advocate the number on card the reverse side has been in liberal position, need not await, this is one of characteristic that Chinese iron connects. Next you can carry a network at any time according to need or the phone undertakes activationing, bind, install relevant function. Chinese iron connects concerned personage special remind an user, it is plan cost start is activationary time, is not time handling card; 2 it is activation hind must change a code in time.

Bind different ground date

Chinese iron connects besides have outside binding the number, function that meets move of busy move, cent period of time, still have much mode to turn receive, information achieves an announcement, roam function, speech leaves a message, the characteristic function such as fax mailbox, black and white list. Especially Chinese iron connects support this locality number to bind not only, become according to needing to still can be installed at any time provincial even foreign telephone number, want you to use to connect IP to fill a value to get stuck to be connected for only charge a cost, receiving with fixed phone it is OK that when listening, pay IP endowment fee needs only. Can leave out advocate make cost, long-distance cost, and advocate make also just want a flower only cost communicates inside city.
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