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Colour bell connects business introduction one number
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Colour bell connects business introduction one number
Chengdu iron is connected " unreal bell is connected one number " , say again " colour bell is connected one number " , " unreal colour is connected one number " .
A number, lifelong and changeless, never be busy, have acoustical calling card, intelligent phone turns receive, number filters wait for a function. . . . . .
This business is the new business of a telephone that Chongqing branch rolls out to satisfy user of broad business affairs. Use this business, can solve the phone that perplexes an enterprise for a long time to be busy, number does not facilitate memory, cannot realize intelligence except the number beyond mobile phone number portable. Use this business, number can implement when the industry moves lifelong and changeless, can follow of the user move and realize countrywide limits roam (fictitious roam) .
Have unreal bell one is connected, need to announce a telephone call only external, your friend can find you easily. Copy colour bell function oneself, the phone that lets you every ring, the enterprise is chosen to be passed.
Detailed circumstance lands Chongqing iron to connect to connect official website Http://www.aiyit.com/tx please

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