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Chengdu opens intelligent phone move one number, this locality is completely fre
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The problem reachs a phenomenon:
Intelligent phone is transferred, this locality is completely freeMeans of settlement:
Intelligent phone is transferred, this locality is completely free
Because fluidity is greater,wait for an enterprise like content shedding company, travel agent, booking office, insurance company, property management, inform after firm address is changed old client often compares difficulty, and the enterprise has a few phones to accept an user to seek advice commonly, such not only the fee that conduction phone picks business repeatedly is quite big, and usually, in a few hotlines general it is before a few phones often busy tone, a few when choose begin first because of the metropolis when the client is dialed, such meetings cause phone resource to be not coordinated, the client often signs up for again complain...
Had a move that understands intelligent telephone call, changed a phone to not be afraid of bad connection old client, also not was afraid of when to the client dials a hot line, be busy, and this locality is free completely, such electric telephone bills are OK and a lot of more managing.
According to statistic, dealing with Chongqing iron to connect " one is connected " the enterprise opened business of enterprise colour bell. The user can pass a telephone call at any time bell of transcribe enterprise colour. And no matter turn,those who receive is fixed phone, mobile phone small still well-informed, enterprise colour bell can be in by the side of the client's ear since the noise, every move the client number, accepted conduct propaganda. In addition, the enterprise is OK still sales promotion information, will new product releases information to make enterprise colour bell, change at any time, let conduct propaganda implement specific aim more.
Analytic personage points out, each enterprise values the conduct propaganda of figure and brand more and more now. Enterprise colour bell can let a client experience the good figure of the enterprise and culture atmosphere, increased the employee self-identity to company culture at the same time, let business chance lets sound and come, this has the business hopeful of innovation meaning to become an enterprise to enlarge another edge tool of conduct propaganda.

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