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Chengdu airline ticket books first selection " one is connected "
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The problem reachs a phenomenon:
Chengdu airline ticket books first selection " one is connected "Means of settlement:
Airline ticket books first selection " one is connected " . . . . . Some airline ticket sells model of Li Hui of company general manager to analyse: Company business grows initial stage, for company image, and strive for a client, I just began to rent a shop front that faces a market, regard the door that sells airline ticket as the dot, company external advertisement also is the phone that uses that shop front all the time, shop front hire is costly, want to remove all the time to a new place, in order to reduce cost, but, what I worry most is after removing, telephone number wants to change, in that way, my meeting loss large quantities of one old clients. Had now ' one is connected ' , I also need not worry again. I applied for " one connects " number: 023-6161**** , before I am moving, announced new number of period of time external, I remove the office smoothly to a hire now low, but very spacious office, hire cost dropped every months 8000 yuan, I use 8000 yuan in newspaper ad above conduct propaganda, portfolio expands quickly, original, my booking clerk has 3 people only, adding 10 people now still is busy come nevertheless, ' one is connected ' those who helped me is very busy. Not ' one is connected ' when, I arrange employee to be worth evening shift even everyday, good now, the client is nightly telephone, I can carry the mobile phone that serves incoming telegram move commissioner to the client or the phone in the home, the satisfaction of employee is spent rose a lot of

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