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One is connected establish countrywide fictitious agency easily
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The problem reachs a phenomenon:
How does the enterprise build center of fictitious agency, call? Means of settlement:
Perhaps your enterprise is in Shenzhen, the branch that you think to in Guangzhou, Shanghai two ground establish you however or agency, the client that comes to two ground of OK and convenient Guangzhou, Shanghai sows dozen of this locality phone to consult business; 2 come to your enterprise the promotion that figure gets pledging, in your client eye, the city that should have number only is your outspread domain. Because " one is connected " this fictitious phone, when your client did not think of to broadcast the business connection telephone call that makes your Shanghai when him, perhaps you are sitting in the office of Shenzhen monarch edifice, explaining the product of your company for what your Beijing client dashs along. All these simply 0.3 yuan minutely!

Why should apply for to establish fictitious agency?
1. managing cost.
Need not register a company, hire room invite applications for a job. Expense is avoided completely!

2. convenient client.
The client seeks advice need not dial long-distance, serve heart to heart!

3. figure rises.
Countrywide each district has service orgnaization, facilitate attract potential client.

4. business is convenience.
The phone is this locality is received listen, need not other generation is received.

5. management is simple.
All Web interface manages, go to the lavatory easily.

6. effect is distinct.
Investment is little, cooperate to advertisement is publicized and be popularized

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