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One connects an user to analyse
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The problem reachs a phenomenon:
One connects an user to analyseMeans of settlement:
As a result of " one is connected " it is a kind of burgeoning telegraphic appreciation business, so at present of level suffer numerous group to basically locate in the enterprise user, user that has certain knowledge level the group is mixed small or petty proprietor of a few privately owned, this business by acknowledge of ordinary people group we think to return what hang on media reachs operation business to be publicized energetically reach promotion job.

According to Tai Gerui bright the findings report of advisory limited company shows: "Consumer is right " one is connected " the service still is approbated on the whole, accept, especially those jobs are busy, like the vogue, user that can accept strange thing. Accordingly. "One is connected " the service if can complementary be run with good market and advertisement promotion, great still potential " .

Basis " connect one number " characteristic and the condition that at present the market runs, we think to be able to be user cent enterprise user, business affairs user and individual user:

● enterprise user:

Enterprise user basically is aimed at medium and small businesses, "One is connected " business is used as the fictitious relay of the enterprise. These enterprises include travel agent, medium or small sale of the company of generation of the center after company of enterprise of company of IT enterprise, of all kinds sale, estate company, ad firm, advisory company, meal, other place is stationed in local agency, product to make work, goods, car that keep tax. These enterprises can divide by use demand it is the following kinds:

1, service industry kind enterprise

If travel agent, booking office, insurance company, property runs a company. This kinds of enterprise because fluidity is greater, inform after firm address is changed old client often compares difficulty, and the enterprise has a few phones to accept an user to seek advice commonly, the fee that conduction phone picks business repeatedly is quite big, pass so " one is connected " can solve above a lot of problem, it is this kinds of first selection that serves kind of industry.

2, the company unit that needs somebody 24 hours to provide advisory service

After unit worker comes off work, fixed phone receives nobody listen, and use " one is connected " the staff member needs to go to set of mobile phone of the phone in the home, individual only " one is connected " in, can accomplish at any time respondent.

3, those who need to build paging center oneself is enterprise or business unit

Some units need to build his paging center, but cost issue is solved hard, entrust other company to do still exist charge, groom, the problem such as the technology. Use " one is connected " system, cost very few cost to be able to realize the basic function of paging center.
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