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How to resolve the trouble that when digital camera takes a picture, encounters
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The problem reachs a phenomenon:
The color of the picture that 1. takes is incorrect
The picture that 2. takes is empty
There are a lot of bits on the picture that 3. has taken
The picture that 4. takes is too dismal too bright perhapsMeans of settlement:
The color of the picture that 1. takes is incorrect

When having, we discover via regular meeting the color of the scenery inside digital photograph and the scenery that so our eye sees produced change, some moment slant red, some moment slant yellow. Is this how to return a responsibility? Because Bai Pingheng does not have the reason that has adjusted,this basically is. The action of function of Bai Pingheng adjustment and add when traditional color photography colour temperature the intention that changes filter is similar, the purpose is to achieve accurate color rendition, be digital camera only is colour temperature do not need to augment filter mirror on camera lens, use circuit to adjust pattern however, the mixture scale that relies on electronic circuitry to change red, green, La Sanji color, much color composition slants to be amended in the light. Majority has automatic Bai Pingheng to adjust in digital camera, this kind of function falls in general requirement still is more accurate, but film in a few complex conditions fall to assure very hard. In fact, the illuminant of our bring into contact with is compared commonly complex. When so we are filming must nurturance observes the environment all round first, the habit that before taking a picture, has adjusted Bai Pingheng. Have magazine of a few numbers Bai Pingheng adjustment has self-regulated pattern, use commonly above a rectangular small diamonds, symbol of two small three-cornereds expresses below. The Bai Pingheng of this kind of mode adjusts is to let you film camera alignment the object of spot white, press partly next shutter, right now, photograph opportunity is self-recording the condition of the white below this kind of light, according to this numerical value, can be in next pair of correct colour in filming undertake reductive. It is used below the condition that I suggest everybody has pattern of this kind of Bai Pingheng adjustment in camera, below most circumstance, it is more accurate.

The picture that 2. takes is empty

This basically may have a few elements to cause. Above all, because the shutter defer time of digital camera is longer, so the person's hand is taken not easily firm, this is those who pat is video can be empty, the reason depends on a hand namely shake. Will tell commonly, of hand shake negligible not plan the circumstance is to be in shutter is spent and focal length concerns into reciprocal, and faster than this speed when. Be in so the light is not very good, when rate is slower, we are best horn of have the aid of is worn or secure the object that won't touch to secure camera. Next, the photograph is empty is likely still because the focus did not choose good reason,be. A lot of moment, we noticed the scenery that will pat is put inside casing of find a view only, and oversight the principal part that should take focal alignment, so the circumstance on the photograph can be main body disloyal. Again, the position that is main body produced shift, because the shutter of digital camera is slower, cause from press shutter arrives the time that films the place that finish is used is relatively longer, main body is very right now incidental positional shift, the picture that takes below this kind of circumstance also can be empty. Solve the method of above problem, one is to use with have the aid of fixed immobile object secures camera, another can be made the same score namely raise watch for a chance, make camera moves together as filmed object, such, in the photograph although setting is ambiguous, but main body is clarity however. The method behind often is used at filming to move faster object, for example the car is waited a moment.
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