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Frivolous number camera operates skill
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The problem reachs a phenomenon:
At present on digital camera market, light and cabinet product still is the product that broad user likes most, the digital camera close narrow one's eyes that the cruel brother beautiful younger sister that goes after fashionable tide especially is pocket to these class more has add, for example Fuji F401, F410, F420, F440, F450, suo Ni U20, guest gets Optio S, the United States can amount to Dimage Xi, z40 of card Western Europe, S100, it is lean its vogue exterior and cabinet bulk conquered the heart of fashionable gens. These cabinet and frivolous number camera can satisfy the fashionable psychology of cruel brother beautiful younger sister easily, should let these bub film nevertheless the picture that gives satisfaction, these skill can be gotten below learning a dot. Means of settlement:

Avoid " result of god of a snap of the fingers "

Frivolous model if digital camera is pressed use a convention as usual, put not carefully very easily before the camera lens of digital camera with respect to meeting general finger, resemble beautiful especially can V3 series or it is Suo Ni U20 and beauty can amount to Dimage Xi a few model, because airframe front holds a share very small, did not hold the design of handle even, if take a picture when hold kind incorrect perhaps use find a view of casing of optical find a view, so " rate of the lens on finger is high " the issue that can become to often happen, the skill below can help you solve this difficult problem.

All frivolous model digital camera is configured LCD displays screen, should prevent to appear " result of god of a snap of the fingers " if had better use it to come find a view, such finger whether to go up lens appears be clear at a glance. Pocket model of digital camera trouble normally with respect to nowhere but escape, of course this is to solve finger not to hold off camera lens merely, the issue that following sb's heels and reachs is how to maintain the stability when these deft number camera are filming, can not look down upon how to hold digital camera this one link oh, the thing inside but many, especially to frivolous model for digital camera, this is the skill that must master holds firm little chance

Two kinds of fingerprint that we learn below, ah, should be two kinds of gesticulation, be the commonnest frivolous model of digital camera hold machine kind, one is single hand type, another is both hands type.

Single hand type is a kind very natural hold machine kind, frivolous model digital camera gets the close narrow one's eyes of fashionable woman, hold because of its minor volume namely it is very easy to rise, camera of handholding number of single nevertheless hand undertakes filming, easy generation shakes, what use because of digital camera is double paragraph of type shutter, pressing for the first time is pair of Jiao Suo calm, the ability after pressing again undertakes filming, cause each MM very easily to press as shutter when film arm happening shakes, should solve this method very simple, it is a hand of digital camera sheet, the level that maintains liquid crystal to show screen and eye (a little within an inch of also did not matter) , attention, at that time should a hand (it is left hand commonly) hold in the palm in hold digital camera the elbow of that hand, this pose makes sure MM is filming the genteel form of moment can avoid to film again namely moment shake
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