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DC understands completely---One of 88 nouns explanations
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The problem reachs a phenomenon:
Data noun is too much, collected here a few. Means of settlement:
1.ae lock

Ae is the abbreviate of control equipment of Automatic Exposure automatic exposure, ae is locked up even if the lock is installed on some Ae, use at light exposure of the manual control when automatic exposure, make sure main body exposure is normal.
A few does use Ae lock have to need to notice: 1, automatic exposure cannot be used when the hand changes way or be being patted oneself (Ae) lock. 2, press automatic exposure (after Ae) is locked up, do not adjust again aperture size. 3, when photographing with flashlight, do not use (Ae) lock.


Chinese interpret is "(charged Coupled Device) of component of " electron coupling, the photographic plate that it resembles traditional camera is same, it is the circuit device of inductive light, you can imagine it a tiny inductive particle, bespread in optical camera lens rear, pass through from camera lens when the light and image, project when Ccd surface, ccd can produce electricity, the content changeover that goes to the induction stores into digital data rise. More, single measure resembling element exceeds amount of Ccd resembling element big, the image that collects can jump over clarity. Accordingly, although Ccd amount is not the only focal point that decides picture quality, we still can regard it as of camera grade important sentence accurate one of.


Comple-mentary Metal-oxicle-semiconductor, chinese interpret is semiconductor of oxide of " complementary metal "


What Dpof points to is injunction of the digital order that print, use at be in memory medium (video memory card) on record information. Here the format falls, you are OK set films digital camera those are video undertake printing and undertake printing how many pieces.


Alleged Exif (exchangerable Image File Format For Digital Still Cameras) , namely by association of industry of Jeita(electron IT) make, the norms of the means of the additional information on the file that decides to record sound of Jpeg image harmony.

6.exif 2.2

Exif 2.2 edition is the format of digital camera file of a kind of new correcting, include implementation among them optimal the place that print is indispensible all sorts of filming information.


Ptp is English " the picture transmits an agreement (Picture Transfer Protocol) " abbreviate.

Ptp is the earliest You Ke amounts to company and Microsoft to negotiate a kind of standard that establish, the picture equipment that accords with this kind of standard can be mixed to apply program place to share by the system better after accepting Windows Xp system, transmit a respect in the network especially, of the picture when the system can visit these equipment to be used at building network album directly upload, what climate picture chats on the net is deferent etc.
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