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DC understands completely---88 nouns explain
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The problem reachs a phenomenon:
Substantival explanationMeans of settlement:
23. interpolation

Interpolation (Interpolation) , also call sometimes " replacement example " , it is to be in do not create a kind of method that image adds to resemble element size below the circumstance that resembles element, in all round with mathematical formula computation loses the colour that resembles element on foundation of colorific resembling element. Some camera use interpolation, factitious land increases the resolution of image.

Sensor of image of 24. super Had

Electron of buy application "super Hole Accumulation Diode(had)" draws the Ccd video inductor that promotes a technology character inside, the inductive performance that improves Ccd and strengthen digital signal to handle a function, photograph effectively at patting the interference with a confusion of voices and unnecessary bring down falls when resembling, your picture is clearer bright and beautiful, colour administrative levels is more trenchant, be not worth to spot illuminant or film fruit of night scene effectiveness for a given period of time is being shown especially.

25.ttl measures light

Namely Ttl Light Measuring. Measure the volume that connect light through camera lens, with the exposure of filter, the parameter such as aperture focal length has nothing to do. Cent of the means that measure light is average, local, central key measures light to wait. A kind of any methods that measure light very much the same, but like backlighting this is planted illume law, the contrast of light and shade of the body that be photographed appears to differ exceedingly, perhaps wait for a method like photomicrography, can appear different difference.

26.iso sensitization is worth

Iso sensitization is worth is the sensitive extent measured value that traditional camera negative reacts to the light, express with Iso number normally, the number states feeling optical rotation is stronger greatly more, commonly used expression the method has Iso 100, 400, 1000 etc, generally speaking, speed is higher, the grain of negative is thicker, the effect after enlarge is poorer, and digital camera is also this Iso value comes to apply mechanically the exposure that place of the indicative system that measure light uses, fiducial Iso is lower, what need light exposure taller.

27. memory medium

Image stores media amount to stores in code camera the equipment of image, general we call memorial card, and the memory that place of camera of the number on market uses gets stuck, basically have 3 kinds of norms: Smart Media: Volume is minor, the price relatively Cf is cheap, most high capacity arrives 64mb, can disk turns receive card, card reader or Pcmcia as turn receive facility. Compactflash: The price is higher, relatively Sm card is a bit thicker, the size is larger, can arrive most 128mb, rate is rapidder, turn receive equipment to be card reader and Pcmcia. Memory Stick: It is norms of Sony appropriative memory at present, on the machine that can be used at Sony only.
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