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DC understands completely---88 nouns explain
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The problem reachs a phenomenon:
Substantival explanationMeans of settlement:
45. prevents red-eyed function

Point to filming with flashlight when figure, glance hemally as a result of eye ground of the person that be photographed, there is a bit redder appearance in making take the eye of the person on the photograph. But general present mainstream number camera is had prevent red-eyed function, if if be not opened,passing, won't act well as before.

46. prevents hand shake function

The function of the shake that prevent a hand of digital camera has two kinds: It is optical, be a number. The optical shake that prevent a hand and traditional camera are same, it is the lens that installs ambassador-at-large design in becoming way resembling light, can feel watch for a chance shake, and the characteristic that the basis shakes and degree self-correcting smooth road, make resemble stabilizing. And the shake of the number that prevent a hand is to adopt software calculative method, use the process that resembles scanning process and mechanical shutter open to cooperate each other corrective quaky influence, get stable picture. Generally speaking, the optics with excellent design prevents effect of hand shake system to want reliable, a few truer.

47. is super infrared night photographs a function

The infrared night of Sony initiate photographs a function, can undertake filming below completely black environment, connect the object that naked eye also cannot differentiate even, also can film clearly now come down. Cooperate slow * of fast shutter switch is used, video and meticulous pleasing to the eye, more get the better of previously.

What infrared night photographs a function is slow fast shutter chooses for 2 paragraphs, night absorbs super infrared ray of the function slow fast shutter is self-adjusting.

48. saves electric function automatically

If camera is in no matter why is 15 seconds less than planted the reason was not used, function of automatic province report will act well and shut liquid crystal to show (Morpheus mode) , can avoid the bad news report with needless batteries to perhaps prevent power source electric energy to use up when camera and adapter of power source Ac are linked together so, when camera when been not use after longer period of time, function of automatic province report will shut camera power source, this time length can be on camera set, can be 2 arrive 5 minutes.

49. focuses camera

It is to incite the watch for an opportunity that uses camera lens of fixed focal length. Say commonly, goofy " airframe accumulates the scorch " that uses the confidential of photograph of " goofy " that focuses camera lens to compare the price that be the same as archives small, into like quality also more get the better of one prepare, choosing what the consumer of this kind of camera takes a fancy to often is the bulk with cabinet camera and outstanding camera lens quality.
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