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DC understands completely---88 nouns explain
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The problem reachs a phenomenon:
Substantival explanationMeans of settlement:
67. caliber

Caliber (Lens Thread) , the diameter of front of camera camera lens.

68. shutter

It is the unit that the light stops to come in before camera lens, the time limits of generally speaking shutter has been jumped over greatly more. The second counts the object in motion of small comfortable in step, some camera emphasizes shutter can arriving the most quickly 1/16000 second, can hold the end that moves at high speed easily. What should pat when you nevertheless is the heavy traffic of night, shutter time is about to spin, the current effect like thin silk of the silk in common photograph also should be used slow fast shutter ability is patted.

As to the B shutter function with monocular common camera, although can decide the accident of time of exposure freely by you, film flexibility is taller, consume sexual number camera mostly to still cannot support at present nevertheless, if the acquiesce of the slower rate such as 2 seconds, 8 seconds, 16 seconds is worth,offer at most.

Time of 69. shutter time lag

Camera is not using pair of anxious Suo Dinggong to be able to assure to be opposite automatically at the same time below anxious job status, from press shutter releases pushbutton to call time of shutter time lag to this paragraph of time that begins exposure.

Mode of exposure of 70. shutter predetermination

By us first after speed of shutter of write one's own ticket, camera measures optical system to depend on the case when time line, the aperture F with automatic proper choice is worth (can be worth to do not have the F of paragraph of type) in order to cooperate. Set the digital camera of exposure mode dial, can go up in rotary table normally engrave ' S ' the letter will represent shutter predetermination pattern. Shutter predetermination mode agrees with the photography that needs to control shutter. Use high speed shutter to be able to condense movement, use slow the car that fast shutter can make travel is medium becomes beam of light.

71. shutter defer

Camera presses shutter, at this moment camera is opposite automatically anxious, measure light exposure of smooth, computation, choice appropriate exposure is combined... have data the time that computation and depository manage need calls shutter delay.

72. takes rate repeatedly

Take rate repeatedly (Burst Speed) , because digital camera films should change through photoelectricity, a/d changeover reachs the process such as media record, no matter changeover or record need,spend time among them, record expenditure especially time is more. Accordingly, of all number camera take rate repeatedly very not fast. Current, the fastest in digital camera pat speed to be 7 frame repeatedly / second, and ability of a few seconds must pass to continue to film again after patting 3 seconds repeatedly. Of course, the person that pat speed to had sufferred to press photographer and sports photography repeatedly is the index that must notice, and common photography circumstance need not consider surely
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