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A lot of friends are long hear filter name, but not be to understand too to filter, so I am told today tell the use about filter.

Certain purpose is based on when photography, need stops the ray of certain wavelengh with a kind of lens, make its do not enter watch for a chance through camera lens, or the amount that limits its to pass, this kind of lens is called filter, weigh filter again. Filter divides roughly it is 6 kinds:

One, comparative filter: With change color of some of the scenery that be photographed to move the filter that contrasts with rising at black-and-white photography, call contrast filter again. Of comparative filter applying a principle is, want to make some colour becomes shallow on the photograph, use the filter that passes this shade, want to make some colour becomes deep on the photograph, use the filter that absorbs this shade. Film for example the safflower that contains greenery, if the lightness of safflower and greenery comparatives, what go up in the photograph is tonal have a difference hardly, can use the gules filter that passes glow, make the color of safflower becomes shallow. Use more comparative filter to have 6 kinds commonly, avery kind of divides into again shallow in deep 3 class:

1. gules filter: Absorb green blue purple, basically pass red, second the yellow that it is orange.
2. yellow filter: Absorb blue purple, basically pass yellow, second for blood orange green.
3. orange filter: Between Jie Yugong color and maize filter.
4. green filter: Absorb blood orange blue purple, basically pass green, second for yellow.
5. olive filter: Interpose is mixed at yellow between green filter.
6. blue filter: Absorb blood orange olive, basically pass blue, second for purple.

2, ultraviolet filter: Abbreviation UV, ultraviolet ray is invisible beam, but film is very strong however to its induction, film scenery what is appropriate to the occasion uses ultraviolet filter to absorb the ultraviolet radiation of distant view so, be opposite in order to reduce its the action of negative, enhance video definition. Famous the person that it is  of Sky Light Filter of daylight lens  , also be the property of ultraviolet filter.

3, in lubricious filter: Abbreviation ND. Lubricious filter is opposite in all sorts of smooth absorptivity are equal, it is the smooth amount that uses a bring down to carry scene. When using the smallest aperture or the fastest shutter to return overexposure, in needing, lubricious filter comes to value of bring down exposure. Its cent is duple, fourfold, eightfold 3 kinds, so called multiple is to point to exposure multiple.

4, slant extremely filter: Abbreviation PL. It is by a lot of direction consistent dinky crystal is formed, from the sky, surface, light of catoptric of a certain angle meets metalloid slick surface be slanted extremely. If be in camera lens jacket is polarizing lens, can control these glancing, eliminate it or abate, in order to behave the quality of a material of the object. It has about the following 4 functions:
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