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Printer of Fuji number photograph is wonderful interlocution
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The problem reachs a phenomenon:
Means of settlement:
1. The heat of Fuji quick is printer NX-500 in go up to have with hot sublimate printer like the principle why to distinguish?
Fuji is hot quick the coating that interior of oneself of the paper that print contains yellow, pinkish red and cyan. When the paper that print is heated by exposure, color is released, those who formed clarity is video. And hot sublimate printer needs to deploy ribbon beforehand, get on color rendition to paper through ribbon.

2. Whether the brief digital printer that introduces Fuji?
Cent is the digital printer of Fuji two kinds: TA reachs PG.
TA is Fuji heat quick technology; PG transfers a technology for heating power develop.
TA series: NX-70, NX-500, CX-400, CX-550; PG series: PG-4000, PG-3000

3. What Fuji number snapshot uses is what equipment, he Te is nodded?
What system of Fuji number snapshot uses is FINEPIX-2400 of Fuji number camera and NX-500 of Fuji number printer and monitor, this system price cheap, operation is simple, benefit at inn of traditional colour enlarge.
A few days ago, fuji rolls out number of new generation business affairs to rush imprint upgrade replacement activity, any brands that should use depreciation only heat up sublimate printer or ink jet printer is touched deduct partial amount, can change on the spot buy an environmental protection, low expend, the printer of Fuji CX-550 photograph with advanced advanced technique; Use an activity freely what also can attend distributors (the cash pledge with regular pay) . Printer of Fuji CX-550 photograph need not the computer, the digital watch for an opportunity that can use function of e of g of d of r i of medium of digital camera memory or B of t of c of supportive P i is carried out directly print, the operation is quite handy. Ribbon and ink box do not need when the photograph that print, the hot response rate that carries printing paper completely will show all sorts of outstanding color, because this kind prints means to be mixed to picture quality abiding degree of expression effect with have better, also be used at certificate photograph normally print, because of this output to photograph of daily figure, scenery the effect can realize optimal picture to pledge more. Additional, the reel of x of i of P of t of n of P r i prints paper to make when off line, also can undertake measure of a variety of the paper that print that take frame and immensity draw a frame round are installed.
4. Does Fuji NX-70 print paper whether use go up in NX-500 printer?

5. What reason is the picture that use NX-500 printer makes sometimes makes up aperture?

6. Can NX-500 printer print 1 inch of photograph?
Can, NX-500 can print 1 inch according to your need, 2 inches of size and 5 inches of photographs.
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