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Digital camera is safeguarded daily and maintain
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The problem reachs a phenomenon:
Means of settlement:
Be safeguarded daily and maintain

Camera lens of   1) and filter

At ordinary times, when should not using camera or when the clearance that filming, should build the shield of good shot, lest dirt is stuck on camera lens. Should discover to dirt is touched on camera lens, use brush glasses or brush the cloth with camera soft in that way camera lens, the dirt that gets on camera lens gently obliterates. Wait for the dirt that obliterates not easily with soft cloth to be being stuck in place of camera lens brim, use " blow dust implement " or fine cotton club obliterates.


1. Do not wipe camera lens with the soft cloth that is stained with alcohol or pily club: Because often use alcohol to wipe camera lens, make camera lens becomes angry easily. And once camera lens caught color, cannot film actual colour.

2. When just having a thing or still is a thing in the mouth, breathe out to camera lens: Because make so easily,the thing in the mouth is stuck on camera lens. If opposite camera lens breathes out when, should first the mouth be in after gargle is clean breathe out.

3. Do not feel scene with the hand that just took surfeit matter: Because use,stick fat hand goes feeling, with respect to can flyblown camera lens, bring about video filmed picture quality.

4. Clean camera lens when, do not forget to wipe the inside of shield of one transfer to a lower level incidentally: Because filming in the process, the inside of shield is stuck easily on dirt, it is so when clean camera lens, answer to wipe the inside that puts shield incidentally.

2) liquid crystal shows screen and operation bolt all round

Wipe liquid crystal to show screen and viewfinder with soft cloth and fine cotton club, wipe operation key with fine cotton club all round. In a few place that wait to accumulate besmirch easily in that way like scorch lever, can be wiped with the pily club that is stained with a few alcohol. But dry pily stick had better be used after be being brushed wipe again, lest alcohol volatilizes hind leave a mark.

3) magnetic head

Wipe with the long cotton club that is stained with right amount alcohol usually with respect to enough. But dry pily stick must be used after be being brushed brush again. Otherwise after alcohol volatilizes trace of easy generation, bring about influence transcribe quality.

Attention: Use tape of magnetic head cleanness often. Because magnetic head cleans what arrive since the belt,be action of a kind of burnish, so, classics is commonly used can wear away magnetic head is bad instead. For this, should discover to be stuck on magnetic head have dirt and brush with pily club when be not being dropped, tape of cleanness of reoccupy magnetic head is cleaned.

4) batteries

Sell on the market at present charge general component is batteries two kinds: Cadmium cell of nickel of? of  of extensive qualitative quiet; Another kind is lithium battery.
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