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How to use watch for an opportunity of number of vogue of good housekeeping mone
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The friend that has watch for an opportunity of number of very much use housekeeping money often can envy those holding to allow professional DC or digital sheet turn over camera " professional " player, more moment will be comparative their work feels the equipment in the hand is too lumpish apparently. Really, use pattern without rich hand, the pair of sluggish anxious rate, single way that measure light is the influence films the crucial factor of quality. And although consume level,the author thinks however or camera of number of family expenses level is being operated the gender is mixed resemble waiting for a respect to exist with professional camera really apparent difference, but among them a lot of blemish can be used a few film skill is mixed neatly " additional kind " film the method is made up for, want to film with them give likewise wonderful photograph to also be not an incredible story. Actually a photography lover that is familiar with all sorts of camera can not be equipment of the ground in the hand to be anxious, the digital camera with a simple function also can become to go out in their hand piece edge tool.

The setting mode of digital camera

The goofy number camera in wanting to play pass on should understand it after all what to can do above all, how and be accomplish. So mentioning the ground above all can be the varied setting mode on camera certainly, the setting mode of the family expenses product of the mainstream on the market is already special and at present rich, a variety of subject matter that in covering the life almost, film, especially a few not double preferential (aperture rate is preferential, preferential) the DC that reachs a hand to use a function is more on present condition mode make great efforts sufficient.

Actually the films mode no more than is different aperture and shutter combination of these camera, some still added glitter or the change of the means that measure light, here lists a few commonly used mode give everybody reference only.

Figure mode

This mode inscribes to be being given priority to with figure film undertook optimizing, general meeting is comparing aperture aperture set great numerical value, such filming the job picture that come out is OK and very good depart character and setting, commonly used wait for setting at filming character close-up and pet film.

Scenery mode

The landscape that this mode uses at filming sunlight falls commonly, right now the aperture aperture of camera can narrow as far as possible, make film the image that come out can have the depth of field of around clarity, because the setting in this photograph also is inside bigger range,having clear picture. Film with this mode the scenery picture with bigger setting suits particularly, filming the scenery that contains a figure commemorates to this one pattern is used when illuminating of course also is very well-advised choice.
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