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Detailed solves those who count a camera to occupy interface kind
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The problem reachs a phenomenon:
Interface typeMeans of settlement:
For convenient download digital camera recalls the file in body, the join of digital camera and PC has a variety of kind, common is USB interface and interface of IEEE1394 front line.
USB and IEEE1394 are compared

Both transmission rate is different. In the past, a lot of people can choose IEEE1394 to make transmission file use, because version of USB1.1 of its flow-rate ratio is fast centuple. The transmission rate of USB has 12Mbps/s only now, can join only the low speed equipment such as clavier, mouse and microphone, and IEEE1394 can use 400Mbap/s, can use the device that the need high speed such as join number camera, scanner and information home appliance leads. Come after that, rolled out USB2.0, although catch up with IEEE1394 somewhat, but the discharge of live wire still can increase to 1G.

Both structure is different. USB must have a computer at least when join, and must need HUB will come true interrelate, can join at most in whole network 127 equipment. IEEE1394 does not need computer to control all device, also do not need HUB, IEEE1394 can join with net bridge many IEEE1394 network, the IEEE1394 network connection with net will other bridges also can be used after realizing 63 IEEE1394 equipment with IEEE1394 that is to say, achieve absoluteness join.

Both intelligence is changed different. IEEE1394 network can establish a network automatically when its equipment undertakes increase and decrease again. USB is the increase and decrease that will judge join equipment with HUB. Both applied level is different. USB has been applied extensively at each respects now, almost every PC advocate board installed USB interface, USB2.0 also can increase the scope of USB application further. IEEE1394 is applied at the multimedia respect such as frequency, video only now. The list that is interface of a few kinds of data below compares:

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