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Camera of number of countrywide each district maintains central site to contact
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The problem reachs a phenomenon:
Means of settlement:
Camera of number of countrywide each district maintains central site to contact phone and address

(one) beautiful can maintain a station
Beautiful can division beautiful maintains a station: 010 - Chen Donglu of north of area of 84981956 Beijing rising sun 2066 rooms of center of conference of 8 Beijing international (postcode: 100101)
Beautiful can build a center quickly: 010 - 62800300 Beijing north 4 annulus on the west road a beautiful can build mansion of 9 Yin Gu quickly center

(Chongqing) limited company of trade of Chongqing Dong Han: 023-63812037, address: Road of Great Harmony of the area in Chongqing city change boarding house of square town of 45 Great Harmony 21 buildings 18 rooms (postcode: 400010)
(Chongqing) Chongqing of commercial firm of Chengdu Jia Cheng serves a ministry: 023-63816967 address: The area in Chongqing city change 81 168 name change are big hotel 1111 rooms (postcode: 400010)
(Fujian) limited company of equipment of seeing and hearing of photography of Fuzhou banyan building: 0591-7539302 turns 8009 0591-7532393 address: Road of peaceful of Fujian Fuzhou ferry 18 (postcode: 350001)
(Guangdong) beautiful can (China) branch of limited company Guangzhou: 020-38771918 address: Sports of area of Guangzhou city the Milky way east road 160 12 buildings (postcode: 510620)
(Guangdong) equipment of photography of Guangzhou city bright and beautiful bursa maintains limited company: 020-83378962 address: Guangzhou city civilized district one palace building of 65 town first (postcode: 510030)
(Guangdong) watch for a chance of company of Guangdong province picture maintains a center: 020-83335758 address: Road of north of Guangzhou article heart 81 (postcode: 5100030)
(Guangdong) limited company of trade of Kang Yi of Guangzhou another name for Guangdong Province: 020-83345815 address: Guangzhou jumps over Hua Lu 54 (postcode: 510030)
(Guangdong) Shenzhen city brightness 10 thousand amount to limited company of equipment of photography of movie and TV: 0755-83686009 address: The road austral Guangdong Shenzhen Hua Jiang 2002 Na Huahua garden Hua Rige 6F (postcode: 518032)
(Heibei) classics trade collects in Heibei limited company: 0311-86212298 address: Shijiazhuang abundant Hua Donglu 192 (postcode: 050011)
(Henan) Zhengzhou city 100 plain limited company of electric equipment technology: 0371-6219778 address: The street below Zhengzhou city north 79 (postcode: 450000)
(Heilongjiang) Harbin is versed in 100 groups: 0451-88385860 address: Heilongjiang Harbin street of path of outskirt north head 11 (postcode: 150020)
(Heilongjiang) Harbin city collects Feng Jia can camera maintains a station: 0451-82600788 address: Road of Zhongshan of area of the hillock austral Harbin city bank of 207 blue water 6 buildings (postcode: 050080)
(Hubei) beautiful can (China) branch of limited company Wuhan: 027-87322829 address: In area of prosperous of Wuhan city fierce south road B of edifice of the 7 business in date 3206 city (postcode: 430072)
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