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The maintenance of breakdown of camera lens of digital camera scorch
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The problem reachs a phenomenon:
Means of settlement:
Digital camera already was become current most popular computer peripheral. And the stand or fall of state of scorch camera lens to digital camera film the job is crucial, if occurrence breakdown of scorch camera lens can make digital camera cannot film gently,go out due the effect, can make its quit the job again. The maintenance of breakdown of scorch camera lens introduces for everybody below.
The type of scorch camera lens is very much, but as a whole, they have the mobile lens group of two groups of above, the helix of wall of scorch microscope limb has roller inside groove or slide block supports mobile lens group. Differ however the camera lens of the brand designs a respect in the structure endless however and identical, these camera lens or contain detachable changed interface, or contain the specific link with camera lens an organic whole. To hind a kind of circumstance, although as optical as what use independence system is similar, have a variety of different structure designs however. Scorch camera lens can introduce independent scorch link, also can use unifinication design, its are complex degree differs somewhat according to model. Unifinication contain axial chamfer to anxious canister, want debus balata ringer to be able to see slide block only. From axial after 9 slide block are being taken out inside groove, can twist next whole forehead component.

Photograph a function nearly and can not raise the complex rate of camera lens of camera lens, it is scorch function only normally is patulous. If the two end of scorch limits are debugged accurate, and orgnaization job is regular, so close photograph a function to also won't have what problem.

Processing scorch camera lens requires patience meticulous. Because optics and mechanical component are in the operation,the likelihood is polluted. The sliding contact component of scorch canister and lens group blends very close. Extremely petty dust and the stability of the motion when dirty content can destroy scorch are flowing. Must beforehand clean workbench, be in place component part to fill up towel of a paper. Additional, prepare paper and pen even, so that record crucial link item at any time.

The common breakdown of 1. scorch camera lens

Diaphragm lamina by smeary be infected with is one of common breakdown. Normally the optical structure of scorch camera lens is: Lens group is located in diaphragm after rear, and two scorch group is located in diaphragm ahead, diaphragm is dormant. In some camera structures, diaphragm is the one part of mobile lens group, if want to disassemble diaphragm lamina, have to take out whole lens form. If the motion of scorch orgnaization is quite flowing, and without apparent proper motion slippage, just feel not quite even, need not have repair to it, because average person wants to undertake to this improvement is unlikely, can make the situation becomes worse only instead. Camera lens of inchoate a few scorch is contained adjustable attrition mat, but adjustment result often brings about scorch motion to become not flowing. But, if  feels the orgnaization is medium have sand or be to have apparent automatic slippage, through careful cleanness, new add lube fat, solid to tighten bolt or exchange platen and slide block to be able to solve a problem. The workload of thoroughly clean orgnaization is very big, want the oil with cleared and all athletic components, original debus (the only way that this is purify sand) , add lube fat afresh next, undertake install and be debugginged.
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