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Teach you how to take top class picture
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The problem reachs a phenomenon:
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[Imagine beforehand] concept, the photography world now criterion by outspread ground, use widely, not the exposure on black-and-white photography of bureau be confined to, systematization method that rinses photo.

For example:
1.Doing photography to plan or be when facing a setting, our regular meeting is in the heart [imagine] beforehand, should use what element, this how composition of a picture, this eliminate what element, in order to make picture more simplification, have aesthetic feeling more.

2.[Imagine beforehand] the character's expression, movement or it is interactive, how should arrange, ability conveys the idea of photo.

3.[Imagine beforehand] perfect exposure combination.

4.[Imagine beforehand] of the light in whole setting distributing.

5.[Imagine beforehand] make after on those lights, colour will be emphasized coming out, will appear why to be planted appearance and feeling.

Have a bit we relatively of oversight, it is hind make [imagine] beforehand. [Make after] as video appear, publish last technological process that go up, if we are very clear,oneself want to emphasize, consider expression, and relevant hind formulate a method, so, when film, any subtle lights in setting and colour, will be noticed for us. What above narrates is video and character, when we are observing setting, imagined line to appear mediumly in the picture beforehand, and the certain and subtle light in the cloudy day and colour, will appear why to be planted result, can let this second film provide more hold. [Imagine beforehand] the concept affects will be the means that filming is conception, offer what everybody consults as to face only.

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