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Detailed skill piles up the exposure of camera to compensate
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The problem reachs a phenomenon:
Exposure compensationMeans of settlement:
Exposure compensation also is means of control of a kind of exposure, general and common control in ± 2-3EV, if ambient light source slants dark, can increase exposure to be worth (if adjust,be 1EV, 2EV) with dash forward the definition that shows a picture.
Digital camera is in filmed process, if press half shutter, the picture that pursues about the same with final result can show on liquid crystal screen, right anxious, everything starts exposure. The exposure of this moment, be the luminosity exposing to the sun of final picture. If shine or the picture slants apparently dark, those who show camera is automatic the accuracy that measure light has bigger error, want to undertake exposure is compensated compulsively, when having nevertheless, the brilliance that when filming, shows and film the result has certain discrepancy actually. Digital camera can browse a picture instantly after film, right now, can see well and truly film the degree of light and shade of the picture that come out, won't have discrepancy again. If film the result slants apparently,slant dark, want to film afresh, undertake exposure is compensated compulsively.

Film the environment is compared dim, need increases brightness, and when flashlight cannot act well, can undertake compensating to exposure, increase light exposure appropriately. Have exposure compensatory time, if the picture is too dismal, want to raise EV cost, EV is worth every to increase 1, the radial quantity that is equivalent to absorbing increases one times, if the picture is too bright, want to reduce EV cost, EV is worth every to reduce 1, the radial quantity that is equivalent to absorbing reduces one times. The compensation according to distinct watch for an opportunity is removed and OK with 1/2 (0.5) or 1/3 (0.3) the unit will adjust.

The white object that is filmed is it seems that in the photograph gray or not quite white when, want to increase light exposure, say simply even if " add more in vain more " , this is mixed with the basic principle of exposure it seems that the habit runs in the opposite direction, actually otherwise, because,this is of camera measure light to often be lay particular stress on with central main body, white main body can let camera think by accident very the environment is very bright, consequently underexposure, this also is the common fault that most abecedarian makes easily.

Two pictures are the following face exemple, exposure compensation is equal to 0 time place to pat above, and latter is to be equal to 1 when what pat, visible distinction is clear.

Because the shutter time of camera or aperture size are finite, because this is not what always can achieve 2EV to adjust range, because this exposure compensation also is not all-purpose, likely still below too dark environment underexposure, the ISO sensitive sensitivity that should consider to cooperate flashlight right now or increases watch for a chance will raise picture brightness.
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