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Kodak film removed the whole world to rise in price in May cost rises is main re
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The customer that likes travel had better buy some of film to reserve ahead of schedule, because very fast film also should rise in price.

Before dawn announces the company of Kodak of Yi Shiman of film production business with the biggest whole world yesterday, all and traditional video product below this company division will begin to rise in price on May 1. Among them, film rises in price extent will be achieved 3% to 17% .

Kodak holds the whole world at present civil film market 50% right-and-left portion. Kodak announcement says, rise in price this the action belongs to global limits, begin from May 1. Rise in price involve all and civil reach professional film, other and traditional video product also will rise like cinefilm 3% to 5% , medical treatment is become will have two digit growth like film and bad news material, course of study of this foreign trader pressworks and the price of material of the bad news before imprinting also will have the shift on two digit.

Cost rises to already became global issue

Kodak spokesman says, the main reason that rises in price this is cost rises. "The silver that place of traditional and video product needs, organic chemistry is tasted etc raw material andThe sources of energy, carry and the cost that pack rises ceaselessly since close period of time, among them silver went up 2 times above, organic chemistry is tasted went up nearly 30% , the sources of energy rose 70% , carriage cost rose 10% . Of these cost rise bring about operating costs to increase. Of these cost rise bring about operating costs to increase..

The personage inside course of study introduces, film cost rises to had become global issue. The Fuji of old rival Japan of Kodak already adjusted the price of film product in the round Feburary this year, the most rising for film of norms of professional and black and white 35mm, rose in price 15% to 21% , professional and black and white the price that rinses medical fluid also rose 10% to 30% .

"Some closer year come, we are in all the time singlehanded bearing addition cost cost, the price of hold together product, come in order to prevent shift consumer. But the price that the cost that rises continuously now makes we must improve a product with managing a company move. " spokesman of Kodak whole world says.

Rise besides cost, also the personage inside course of study is analysed, the price of manufacturing company adjusts film to also belong to film tycoon to adjust a tradition to rush imprint the one part in business. Below the circumstance that reduces ceaselessly in overall market dimensions, to film especially black and white film and strong imprint running stores establishs new price, also be to make sure traditional and video business can develop the necessary measure that go down smoothly undoubtedly.

The data shows, traditional and video relevant management demand for service is in with annual the speed of 25% is atrophic. What resemble the market to answer a number to become is arisen, kodak, Fuji all takes a picture business centre of gravity from the tradition in recent years the market changed digital field. And traditional and video tycoon can be amounted to like Kenikamei, hair love a gram establish a timetable that quits professional work of traditional and video film even.
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