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Wash the principle of the photograph
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Film is rinsed

The film of correct exposure and not the film of exposure differs somewhat on atomic condition only, namely former happening little chemical change, formed sightless video or " go shadow " . In subsequently develop process, develop medicines and chemical reagents must be in darkness action at film, ability makes go the shadow increases become honester, what issue abiding existence in common light is video. These chemical all are used with liquid form, every kinds rinse medical fluid to have special effect to the film that suits with its. For example, to most black and white film, fluid of the first kind of chemical medicine (developer solution) can make the area develop of classics light illuminate makes black silver-colored grain. The liquid of the 2nd kind of medicine that uses subsequently (fixative, can will not the halogenate silver of exposure part dissolves (fixing) , and keep transparent film. Accordingly, full drops chemical by-product and dry later get rinsing a result is a piece of black and white negative.

Rinse color film those who make chromatic photographic plate to add, process and before narrate similar, just want to use the medical liquid with chemical more complex part. Color film rinses a process in, developer solution is mixed in the yellow, pinkish red that includes to have black silver dye is formed in layer of cyan three-layer emulsion. After that, float go silver-colored and fixing, can stay to be formed by three-layer dye only, the chromatic picture that is complementary color with each other of color of the body that be photographed. Chromatic slide needs more rinsing measure. What use above all is developer solution of black and white negative, next (via normal fixing) develop of film classics color, positive-appearing image produces in silver and dye. Be floated to go in all silver and after classics fixing, those who stay is the chromatic slide that has dye positive-appearing image.


Receiving the making measure that go down is to print, more common perhaps practice magnifies. The film outfit that already had a picture is cast in the vertical that calls enlarger mirror in machine, magnifier head is OK form on sensitive photographic paper video, its size almost but the basis needs aleatoric make choice of. During exposure, go up through film the smooth amount that the smooth quantity of transparent area illuminate to printing paper wants larger than density area is much. The notes goes in photograph paper the shadow also should pass fluid of subsequently chemical medicine to rinse.

Substantially is told, these rinse measure and the measure look that when rinsing film, want similar. For example, black and white printing paper passes the exposure of black and white negative, next develop, fixing and bath, with respect to the negative " that can show " negative, this is a positive-appearing image, namely the black-and-white photograph with people familiar place. After exposure of chromatic printing paper, course color develop, blanch and a series of fixing color negative that rinse measure to be able to form chromatic negative- - positive. In addition, the sensitive data that still can use a few other by chromatic slide and rinse craft to get chromophotograph.
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