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"Wash a photograph " , " are you very photogenic " how to say with English?
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Although the number is video now,be popular, traditional paper photograph still is welcomed. A lot of people are met rinse oneself satisfactory digital photograph go off with. This " wash a photograph " how do you know to should say? When seeing a picture, be unavoidable to want compliment " you are very photogenic " , this is usedEnglishHow should say again? Be solved for you below!

1.Do You Know Where I Can Develop My Film?

Do you know where to you can wash a photograph?

"Wash " doesn't this word know the picture have a person to say Wash My Film? If have that is too a bit more unusual. Proper use is Develop My Film, those who use is Develop this verb. By the way one, "Negative " the English of this word is Film, hank negative is One Roll Of Film. Negative is " negative " meaning, those who point to is the film that after negative is rinsed, gets.

2.I Want It To Be 4" , double Prints.

I want to wash 4 inches (4 X 6) , wash the photograph of double portion.

Although had a number video, a lot of people still like to wash a papery photograph to come, outfit it may not be a bad idea is admired in picture frame. When washing a photograph, counterjumper can ask you want how old of dimension. Produce the dimension that washs a photograph to have 3R (3.5 X 5 inch) , 4R (4 X 6 inch) , 5R (5 × 7 inches) , 6R (6 × 8 inches) , 8R (8 × 10 inches) etc. The photo English of 3R is A 3.5 X 5 Photo, the photograph of 4R says 4 Inches.

What need reminds is, add in the United States wash (Extra Prints) photo is very expensive, because of the United States artificial very expensive, so they go to a piece without that leisure one piece helps you add wash. The path of flexible washs two namely, this calls Double Prints, if be washed only,one calls Single Print. Both price is normally similar. But the person that in the United States travel wants to wash a photograph wanted to notice. If be short-term travel, after everybody goes back to the motherland, the proposal is rinsed again.

3.You Are Very Photogenic.

You are very photogenic.

Had washed a photograph, when looking, always be unavoidable should take one discontinue wind each other. Among them a word is oppositeSchoolgirlWill tell most benefit from, this word is You Are Photogenic. The meaning of Chinese is " you are very photogenic " . Photogenic of course have nothing to do the United States is ugly, beautiful person is OK and photogenic, ugly person is OK also and photogenic, so You Are Very Photogenic. This word also has nothing to do honest.
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