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Kodak Fuji is strong imprint business falls suddenly Chongqing appearance shrink
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Digital camera gains ground, sell very on the market fire, but the number is strong imprint the day of business is uneasy however. The message that comes from respect of Kodak and Fuji Chongqing yesterday makes clear, this year 1~7 month, chongqing number is strong imprint portfolio is steep fall, already nearly 50 rush imprint inn closes.

Fuji: Sell an one stage equipment only this year

The total representative that company limiteds of 500 film of strong Japan Fuji are in China, for limited company of IT of science and technology of Shanghai giant star. This company established a branch in change 2005, the equipment of market of responsible Chongqing, Guizhou is sale, strong imprint inn joins in etc.

"The trade is very poor this year. " Ceng Xuemei of chief of branch of giant star Chongqing says, this company sold nearly 10 numbers to rush in Chongqing last year imprint equipment, now year 1~8 month, sell only gave a secondhand goods. In addition, each are big Fuji is strong imprint the business this year also goes inn to glide now. According to introducing, even if is the inn with best outstanding achievement, can receive 4000 pieces of photographs every months on average to rinse only, by strong imprint the quantity is compared 2004, the only month 2006 dropped 20% the left and right sides.

Ceng Xuemei says, to enlarge market share, fuji held agency plenary meeting in Chongqing this year in July, announce Fuji is new politics. Press new politics, fuji will be in now Chongqing some rushs many times 10 imprint in inn, choose a few to transform for flagship store, decorate cost to be avoided completely. Via transformed storefront besides strong imprint card of marketable still memory, cold drink. "But because income is paid no attention to originally,think, to now, strong without imprint inn is willing to receive action, be afraid of search not to answer cost. " she says, how to develop in change to next Fuji, had not thought of better idea temporarily.

Kodak: 3 had retreated city into storefront

Began 2002, sale of traditional printing paper glides all the way, digital camera begins to gain ground. The video tycoon such as Kodak, Fuji aims at business chance, horse race is quickened to encircle the ground in change, number of race to control is strong imprint the market. Last year, in Chongqing, kodak has many 200 to join in about inn, occupy this locality of 60% strong imprint the market. Fuji takes 20% right-and-left markets, storefront is many 10. Other market is divided to feed by the brand such as Le Kai.

"The amount is reducing our storefront. This year, what each big tycoon banner issues Chongqing is strong imprint inn, closing more or less. " one high level discloses Kodak Chongqing, those who follow a Chongqing market is strong imprint the volume is total drop, hitting the storefront of this firm banner, had decreased this year 30% the left and right sides.

This high level expresses, the number is strong imprint portfolio drops, main reason is diversity of digital product spending, besides strong imprint, the citizen still can make electronic album, ink jet print etc, compressed strong imprint the market.
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