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Poundage of remit money of the bank on 12 networks of domestic is compared
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Bar poundage Net silver-colored poundage To account time Year cost Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Industrial and commercial bank offers way of two kinds of remittance, it is well-informed card remittance, poundage is the 1 % of remittance amount, lowermost remittance poundage is 1 yuan, highest it is 50 yuan. 2 it is peony card remittance, without the formalities charge of remittance. The business that be the same as a city does not collect fees, different ground business presses remittance amount 1% collection (lowest 1 yuan, highest 50 yuan) Arrive immediately Zhang Have certificate client every 12 yuan, the others is free Chinese agriculture bank Cent is deposit remit money and electronic remittance two kinds, poundage of lowest of deposit remit money 1 yuan, more than 1000 yuan, by 0. Charge of 5 % collection. Because a lot of areas of domestic had not debutted at present,collect fees service, still can enjoy the privilege that avoids poundage temporarily so. Poundage of electronic remittance lowest 1 yuan, exceed l 0 yuan of % that press 1 collect fees. Collect fees with bar type remittance identical Arrive immediately Zhang Individual user year expend 50 yuan, public user is free Bank of China 0 this remittance poundage is remittance amount. 1 % , lowermost limitation is 5 yuan, ceiling is 500 yuan. Namely remittance amount all is 5 yuan in the remittance poundage of 5000 yuan of less than, 0 what 5000 yuan of above press remittance amount. Poundage of 1 % collection. Collect fees with bar type remittance identical Arrive the following day Zhang Free China builds a bank Lowermost poundage 1 yuan, highest poundage is 50 yuan Every lowest 1 yuan, highest do not exceed 30 yuan Divide kind of case, if the bank of remittance is in couplet net city, remittance hind can go to Zhang inside two hours; Otherwise, need 3 ~ 5 workaday ability arrive Zhang. Average user is free. Advanced user door 36 yuan. Traffic bank Between the person of the same trade remittance, collection 0. 5 % poundage, lowest 10 yuan, highest 50 yuan; Cross a remittance to receive the poundage of 1 % , highest collection 50 yuan. Certificate attestation edition, daily turn Zhang amount does not exceed 1 million yuan, remittance of ground of the different inside privilege period every 2 yuan Arrive immediately Zhang Free Enrol merchant bank Cent is two kinds, one kind is fast remit money, lowermost poundage 5 yuan, more than 1000 yuan, by 0. Charge of 5 % collection, suit amount of remittance of 10 thousand yuan of less than. Another kind is electronic remittance, lowermost poundage 10 yuan, remittance poundage is the 1 % of remittance amount, highest it is 50 yuan, suit amount of remittance of 10 thousand yuan of above.
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