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What meaning are dimension of digital photograph 4D and 4R dimension?
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The measure of digital photograph is so-called 4R, it is 6 inches of photographs that we say normally, real measure is 10.2cmX15.2cm, length breadth ratio is 3: 2.
Alleged 4D, it is 6.5 inches of photographs (also call big 6 inches of photographs) , real measure is 11.4cmX15.2cm, length breadth ratio is 4: 3.

General our number camera is common the scale of set is 4: The scale of 3, can imprint directly 4D photograph, at this moment photograph general and filmed effect agree completely, won't produce the problem that develops the picture when imprinting to be cut into parts to cut. If imprint into 4R photograph, can produce partial picture to be cut into parts to cut or photo some both sides is left white, the picture or of the photograph is not complete, the cut away that be cut into parts one part, or is about to leave Bai Bian.

Major amount camera can be in dimension perhaps can have in file size setting 3: The option of 2 can offer an alternative. Choose this scale, can imprint directly 4R (namely common 6 inches of photographs) photograph.

If had patted 4: 3 proportional photographs, think oneself carry cut 4R picture, can handle software handiwork to carry with the picture such as Photoshop cut.

The view above applies to alleged 3D and 3R dimension photograph likewise, the truth is just the same.

3D photograph (also call big 5 inches of photographs) size is: 9.5 centimeters of *12.7 centimeter, and 3R photograph (namely common 5 inches of photographs) standard size is 8.9 centimeters of *12.7 centimeter

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