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What is the number rushs imprint?
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What is the number rushs imprint? Well-known, the number is strong imprint the technology belongs to the technology with sensitive sophisticated line of business, the number develops the whole process that imprinting is output of processing of digital input, image, image. The number is strong imprint the method that uses colour spread, the number is strong imprint get on digital image in chromatic printing paper exposure, output chromatic photo, the number develops the method that imprinting is photo of the number of a kind of high rate, low cost, high quality that make. The number is strong imprint, digital input is photo of traditional negative, reversal film, finished product rush through the number imprint the scanning system of machine, scanning is inputted into digital image strong imprint in machine connective computer, and the memory medium such as card of the SM that digital camera uses, CF, the number is strong imprint and floppy disk, MD, smooth dish is OK and direct in reading in computer. This shows, the number is strong imprinting is the image that piles up camera to film to impression not merely, still can rush imprint conventional film, with etc the digital image in all sorts of memory medium.

Is the number strong imprint how does demand generate? Accompanying those who count a camera to gain ground and the IT number tide of rapid development, traditional camera is in be replaced by digital camera place gradually, the photography of people consumes mode to also produce change subsequently. Arrive from simple take a picturing strong imprint begin to turn to a number to take a picture -- computer is admired -- reasonable weave -- the result is strong imprint, produced a number to rush from this imprint demand.

The number has to imprinted demand how old. The tradition is strong imprint will be rushed to imprint by the number replacing this is a fact that does not dispute. Because the number is strong imprinted quality is better, can forecast, in big in in the city two arrive 3 years inside time, the tradition is strong imprint will be replaced entirely.

The number is strong imprint demand has He Hua to divide

The number is strong imprint the market can differentiate tall, medium, low 3 disparate arrangement of ideas, among them general will medium a general designation of low administrative levels is civil / individual market, high level is pressing with a finger have a fever to professional class and the high level that have special demand to photography effect photograph friendly.

Be in civil / in individual market, above all the consumption of camera of number of major of consumption far outclass of average number camera, next civil / the demand that individual market accepts digital photograph result is not high, the output device that need not use senior major can come true approve output result, can achieve ordinary people to be spent to its acknowledge, popularity rate of camera of this domain number is accordingly top. So, the number is strong imprint in the market civil / individual market is current the most mature market. And in this market, the number is strong it is OK to imprint offer for the user such as individual, family stronger than the tradition imprint wider service, for example, of the photograph decorate, the enlarge of the enlarge of large size photograph, reversal film imprints and interior decoration of single-page calendar of the direct enlarge, enlarge that is not printing paper medium, individuation, individuation paints enlarge, picture...
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