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Commonly used certificate contrasts according to dimension in the life watch
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Common certificate takes corresponding measure

1 inch of average certificate illuminate 35mm of dimension 25mm ×
2 inches of average certificate illuminate 49mm of dimension 35mm ×
3 inches of average certificate illuminate 52mm of dimension 35mm ×
Certificate of pass of HongKong and Macow illuminates 48mm of dimension 33mm ×
Certificate of the visa that go to the United States illuminates 50mm of dimension 50mm ×
Japanese visa certificate illuminates 45mm of dimension 45mm ×
Big 2 inches of certificate illuminate 45mm of dimension 35mm ×
Common passport certificate illuminates 48mm of dimension 33mm ×
Card of graduate finish school illuminates 48mm of dimension 33mm × with certificate
Id illuminates 32mm of dimension 22mm × with certificate
Driving licence certificate illuminates 26mm of dimension 21mm ×
91mm of × of 60mm of dimensions of size of photograph of card of drive a vehicle

We can use picture of a lot of certificate in the life, some photo studioes are small perhaps strong imprint inn knows standard size far from, bring about a client to wade run, husband of blind delay delay one's work, and still delay an issue really sometimes, everybody so commonly used certificate lists according to dimension come, share to everybody.

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