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Rush on the net imprint user safety makes the bank on the net uses a strategy
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Open yuan of net to go up as the century strong imprint increase of the user ceaselessly, serve as with the bank on the net turn the Zhang, friend that pays a means increases considerably, became gradually the mainest pay a means. And pay ahead of schedule through the bank on the net rush on the net imprint charge, what still can enjoy privilege is strong imprint the price. But, enjoying the bank on the net to bring convenient while, the pecuniary loss that how avoid suffers the hacker's attack likely and brings?

"The operation venture of net silver is OK of avoid. " center of Chinese finance attestation (abbreviation CFCA) expert points out. Bring about net silver insecure the technical measure that is not the bank on the net is not quite advanced, however the user fails the net silver with good nurturance trades habit. Here, the expert is designed how safety used net silver to offer a proposal.

Appropriate is custodial " the key "

Current, digital certificate mechanism is the bank on domestic and international net use the most extensive safe safeguard, the user must file digital letter to the bank when the bank on use net.

As we have learned, digital certificate is an electronic document that contains individual identity information, can assure to trade the authenticity of bilateral identity, solve Internet to go up " who are you " problem; Make sure the information on the net transmits safety, prevent other to be mixed to the filch of information distort; Undertake on the net effective electron signs directly, assure to information is transmitted on the net to trading both sides is had fight deny quality.

So far, have not appear domestic and internationally the case that mechanism of safety of certificate of word of a factor makes user capital is damaged by breach. Cao of vise general manager of center of Chinese finance attestation is small green introducing, at present new silver of occurrence a few nets embezzles case, not be itself of digital certificate mechanism insecure, the problem appeared in the user keeps in digital certificate and using a process however.

Obtain digital certificate to want recognize its issue an orgnaization, " electronic autograph law " specific provision, "Electronic autograph needs tripartite attestation, the person that by the electronic attestation that establishs lawfully the service is offerred offers attestation to serve " . The orgnaization of attestation of tripartite safety that major bank used authority -- the digital letter that center of Chinese finance attestation provides serves.

The expert points out, digital certificate is the key that safety enters net silver-colored gate, be on guard digital certificate by pilfer, custodial the key of good net silver-colored gate is crucial. Specific will tell, certificate of custodial good number wants to accomplish namely: Deposit digital certificate inUSBInside Key (the bank offers) of this kind of means; Appropriate is custodial Usbkey, when trading, insert in
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