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Group photo of Jinan undergraduate graduation films 7 inches 1 yuan a piece
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Group photo of Jinan undergraduate graduation filmed 2008Lowest price 7 inches 1 yuan a piece, detailed circumstance seeks advice from a century to open yuan of net to go up please strong imprint customer service personnel.

Jinan the undergraduate graduated 2008 group photo prospectus

Arrived again annual we film for school graduate the time of graduation group photo, graduate of number of many university that in last few years we had been Jinan, technical secondary school, high school filmed group photo, offer college graduate scholar solely to take photography. We had filmed the institution of higher learing of group photo includes Shandong university in last few years, shandong Normal University, shandong economy institute, jinan university, shandong finance college, institute of Shandong light industry, shandong builds an engineering college, shandong combines traditional Chinese and Western medicine university, university of medicine of Shandong traditional Chinese medical science, shandong sports institute, shandong electron school, school of Shandong broadcasting television, covered the school of all old technical secondary school of provincial capital Jinan almost.

We use watch for an opportunity of high-grade and professional number, recruit advanced profession cameraman, with the most advanced Fuji on the world magic hand rushs imprint equipment rushs for you imprint photograph of graduation group photo, the photograph of graduation group photo that assures you films can achieve best quality. We still can ask to offer group photo list to perhaps join group photo list in front of group photo photograph in the reverse side of group photo photograph according to yours. It is OK that 60 bachelors take our stock the group photo photograph that for you whole class films unified dress bachelor is taken. Detailed circumstance clicks nethermost link to examine please. . . . .

Bachelor of autograph book of graduation of photography of individual character of graduation group photo takes photography number certificate to illuminate

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