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With real operation supportive Olympic Games rushs freely imprint torch delivers
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The century opens yuan of net to go up strong imprint support an Olympic Games with real operation rush on free net imprint torch delivers photograph and torch hand picture

Tomorrow (on July 21, 2008) torch will enter Shandong, began Olympic Games torch to deliver from Qingdao. Relay of Olympic Games torch is delivered in Shandong churchyard in all 5 stations, ordinal for Qingdao, Linyi, Qu Fu, Tai'an, Jinan. Our century opens yuan of net to go up strong imprint to express the support to the Olympic Games, roll out torch of supportive Olympic Games to conduct activity of transmissive the real situation especially, all centuries open yuan of net to go up to imprinted client, each the opportunity rushs freely imprint the 50 pictures that Zhang Huoju delivers, mobile content is as follows:

1, developing imprinted photograph must be with the Olympic Games auspicious cloud torch or the picture that torch delivers a player to be thematic content

2, every user is restricted only rush freely on one-time net imprint 50 pieces of less than 6 inches big perhaps 6 inches of photographs

3, deserve to send fare by strong imprint him user is assumed, shandong is provincial and uniform 3 yuan of expressage, country is same 5 yuan

4, all domestic torch deliver urban client to all can participate in this second privilege activity

5, mobile time: On July 21, 2008 - on August 8, 2008

Remarks: This second activity explains authority puts in a century 's charge to open yuan of net to go up strong imprint all, if have,change, excuse me does not inform separately

The century opens yuan of net to go up strong imprint

On July 20, 2008


1, the century opens yuan of net to go up strong imprint brief introduction:

The century opens yuan of net to go up strong imprinting is not rush commonly imprint inn, also be not just rush on a net imprint inn, we are having our ambitious ideal, we should do China the service rushs on best net imprint inn, let a Chinese do not give a Mendouke to imprint in order to rush to the digital photograph with good, low-cost character

The century opens yuan of net to go up strong imprint, rush on the net of domestic old brand that having 7 years of histories imprint inn, authentic Fuji laser number is strong imprint, the laser printing paper that insists to use Fuji only and Fuji hold bad news capable person formerly. Our century opens yuan of net to go up developing imprinted general manager Guo Zhijiang is this year win in China 36 strong, the item that plays the game rushs on digital photograph net namely imprint, the project obtained Shi Yuzhu, Niu Gensheng, Yu Min big, of the famous entrepreneur commissioner such as Xiong Xiaoge reputably, our character and service ask you to be at ease absolutely. The century opens yuan of net to go up to the net that imprinting still is Yahoo China at the same time strong imprint cooperative business, rush on the network that Jinan net connects imprint exclusive collaboration business, the indulgence dealer that the bank that enrol business, riverside sends bank of bank, the people's livelihood to wait door
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