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Red-eyed how to arise? How to eliminate?
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The problem reachs a phenomenon:
When be illuminated according to the character, illuminate " of red-eyed phenomenon of occurrence " of the picture that give or picture, is this why? How to eliminate? Means of settlement:
The reason of red-eyed generation
It is in the environment with darker light, meeting enlarge lets person eye pupil more lights are passed. Below this kind of circumstance, if film when opened flashlight, the blood capillary on eye ground retina can be filmed come down, the report on the photograph is person eye aglow, namely red-eyed phenomenon.
Eliminate red-eyed principle to reduce the rate that pupil magnifies namely, make illuminate decreases to the light on retina, reduce red-eyed phenomenon thereby. Commonly used now elimination is red-eyed means has two kinds, among them a kind of method is be in and a bright light shoots on the direction with camera lens consistent direction, additionally one kind of method is to start flashlight first next again exposure, perhaps shorten flashlight duration.
Eliminate red-eyed skill
* lets him lie of glazed source locally, when you undertake filming, film the pupil of the object has the illuminate of ambient light line, pupil won't be too accordingly big, reduce the amount that receive light;
* had better not use flashlight to film in particularly dim place, is open red-eyed should after eliminating a system, assure to film the object is aimed at as far as possible low punish?
* undertakes filming in the place with enough light as far as possible, such pupil can carry natural state;
* uses the advanced flashlight that can undertake angle is adjusted, when film flashlight does not want way of head of parallel Yu Jing, and should become 30 degrees angle with camera lens, when flashing so actual it is generation environment illuminant, also can avoid intense light effectively point-blank into pupil.

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