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Little skill of domestic portrait photography
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The problem reachs a phenomenon:
In domestic photography, great majority is to belong to " souvenir is illuminated " one kind, and " souvenir is illuminated " main body great majority is a person, accordingly, effigies photography often is occupying the main space of domestic album. But very regretful is, among them major photograph seems the archives in police station general, everybody is recumbent wall, composition of a picture is formalist, expression is curt. If you can learn a few effigies to photograph appropriately, believe to be able to make certainly your domestic album " artistic " rise. A few fundamental operation skill are below.
Means of settlement:
Maintain an eye to film horizontally the position
The most simple and easy method that improves effigies photography is the eye from the person that be photographed horizontal begin. For instance, when taking a picture to dot, you are about stoop knee is abdominal even, make the eye substantially of camera and child is in same standard to go up. No matter still be gadarene on face,film the person that can make be photographed is lack fidelity be out of shape, and camera leans nearlier, lack fidelity fiercer. With the eye horizontal film when the person that be photographed, filmed photograph can appear more " kind " , this is the person be photographed that can feel because of the audience they observe " eye " , and the eye often is a person's vividdest place.
First setting, later generations content
If not be careful, setting can affect the result of pieces of whole photograph. Bright color, ablaze object or the one swarm person behind the person that be photographed can affect the visual perception of pieces of whole photograph suffer. Accordingly, before take a picture, you should focus attention on the processing of setting first, choose setting first, consider the person's bearing and position again. Choice setting is OK from the following 3 respects proceed with:
Stand by the person that be photographed: Stand by the person that be photographed, thing of other of and rather than of the person that let be photographed occupies full whole viewfinder. Should use can undertake scorch may be used but when the camera of crossing-over camera lens, you can use switch to arrive long Jiao Duan, the size of the person that be photographed in order to magnify in viewfinder.
Switchback: Towards the left, right, on, next commutation shooting angle can produce different setting, when having find a view through viewfinder consequently, should alternate more as far as possible angle, film best in order to choose the position.
Big aperture: A few professional cameraman are willing to invest a large number of capital, the sheet that buys adjustable aperture turns over camera, such, can choose big aperture to make setting is located in besides the focus, with obfuscate, appear alleviate and too won't conspicuous, emphasize the person that be photographed thereby.
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