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The exposure of indoor photography
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The problem reachs a phenomenon:
A defect that films indoors is the light insufficient ideal, indoor below major case light is met too dark. At this moment, flashlight is a kind of very significant man-made light source apparently, function powerful and use diversification, but you also can be used when film already some spots are effective smooth.
 Means of settlement:
Inside the light of buy flashlight often too too weak, cold, filmed video meeting destroys the atmosphere of whole environment. In 3 meters beyond when filming, outside must using what exposure index is 36~40 at least, you receive flashlight -- you are OK the flashlight device that seeks advice from the camera that cooperates you to use to the friend that knows flashlight or photography equipment dealer and their function. When needing downy illume, the machine that you also can put flashlight in camera supports or by side, use at the same time glance board with scattering implement in order to obtain soft each illume, because can strengthen valid illume area so,this is, the light that use side will enlighten three-dimensional object.
  is filming when big room, you can use many flashlight to perhaps hit big aperture, the different position that is in a room releases shutter -- this kind of method will be very painful, especially when you do not have photography assistant.
You also can use   persistent man-made light will replace flashlight, bittern light and tungsten light are right choice, if the automatic Bai Pingheng of camera sets the kill that cannot make you get satisfaction, you might as well the Bai Pingheng that tries to use a few kinds to differ is installed, if do not have a law to use additional man-made light source, so you can use smooth " of effective nature of so called " only, they are the light that comes in through window illuminate likely, also may be the man-made light that won't affect normal photography. The good point that uses effective and natural light is room illume very natural.
  unless the camera that you buy is dog-cheap, otherwise you had better choose time of exposure (decide by shutter speed) in 1/500~1 or the camera between 2 seconds, still can choose to differ more as far as possible at the same time aperture value, the requirement that these camera itself have is to make you are in dim indoor undertake filming becoming a possibility, and can film the photograph with a first-rate effect.
  is notable nevertheless is, indoor when filming, had better be to shut flashlight, put watch for a chance on tripod at the same time, otherwise the photograph can become ambiguous. Do not have tripod really, you also should find stable strong point as far as possible, although these methods are good without the effect of tripod, but also can proper abate the picture that creates because of camera rock is ambiguous. When releasing shutter, rely on camera on hard object -- bench, post or wall, it is firm thing goes only, next the shutter below gently press, release pushbutton. Possible sentence, usable still pat oneself implement will release shutter.
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