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Night scene exposure
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The problem reachs a phenomenon:
Night scene photograph is broad photography lover prefer film theme, but we discover the reading according to actinometer films constant regular meeting builds overexposure however. Is this how to return a responsibility? This blamed actinometer " rinse " we are one!
  aims actinometer when us when nocturnal aerial city, what does it want to work? It is to think the rainbow lamplight that attends inky sky and country fair does equalitarianism certainly. I can not want the picture of 18 % gray scale. Take average when, actinometer is excessive fill tasted curtain of night, get the building in the photograph is met of course overexposure. We hope lamplight is lamplight, the dim light of night is the dim light of night. So we need to avoid celestial interference to measure light. Means of settlement:
So how should we do? How many cannot I always climb the intensity that close quarters goes to measuring neon light on high-rise to have? The dot was deployed to measure light on most number camera fortunately, we can use this function to be measured so that the exposure of the neon lamp in the picture is worth directly. Right now, lamplight will get normal exposure, and the effect that does not suffer a sky.

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