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Photography person notices----The object in scale setting
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The problem reachs a phenomenon:
Photograph as for the person
This colourful world that we live is formed by all sorts of objects, everyday, a lot of natural phenomena happen beside our. You look: In early morning 8, flaxen at 9 o'clock, taking white-hot sun slightly penetrable woods, the damp airy that forms in the dew that still drops off without there's still time is enveloped below, smooth belt confused is circled, young; The Yu Hui incarnadine of dusk the setting sun half the sky, whole world ased if to drape the colour garment of afterglow; Occasional overcast and rainy is continuous, canopy is gloomy, mirage is boundless and indistinct, water nature is uniform, was like everythings on earth to lose energy; View midday warm this world again, spring He Jingming, safflower greenery, exuberant...
You perhaps can ask, why does same content elephant have so big difference? Tell you, this is the formation that content concerns like colour and change. Because elephant of illuminant color, content is inherent lubricious, environment color of these 3 kinds of primary color Protean, supplement each other to just make this flowery world. Means of settlement:

1. Illuminant color
Illuminant color namely the instinctive quality of illuminant. Different illuminant hue is different, the fluorescent lamp of the sun's rays that gives priority to with white-hot color for example, flaxen electricity light, pale color. Nature presents all sorts of colour all is the action as a result of light, the colour effect that the content below different illuminant illuminate resembles is different also, a color that the colour that content resembles ministry getting light is illuminant color and solid coloured normally. It is facilitating specification, the result of sketch sphere imitate that we do with Photoshop, if the graph is shown 1 times, sphere is white.

Graph 1 - color of A sphere illuminant is sun's rays, whole sphere and environment all are given priority to with white, will observe an object from angle of cadence of colorific light and shade, illuminant color basically is reflected in high smooth share (Hightlights) , and the direct reflex that window is illuminant almost, be similar to specular reflection, of course the material that decides the another element of window is an object is qualitative, this is the word outside the problem.
Graph 1 - color of B sphere illuminant is fluorescent lamp, white sphere slants slightly cyan, gao Guang also did not pursue partly 1 - A appears dazzling.
Graph 1 - color of C sphere illuminant is electric lamp light, sphere slants slightly weak yellow, gao Guang also appears downy partly. Additional, of illuminant color losing by force also is crucial, illuminant color heals strong, heal to inherent lubricious influence big, can change inherent color completely even, be like the window with glossy qualitative material, be like the arc of electric welding again, those who let the person all round and content cover offending to the eye is pale, and it is very difficult instead that the solid coloured of all ministries getting light appears distinguished. Contrary, your whats are lost sight of in dark night, this can not show nonexistent object, the object does not have inherent color, just do not have illuminant just. Anyhow, illuminant color (include sort and intensity) it is a most main factor, it is the implicit condition that content elephant is able to show.
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