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See a belle learn photography
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The problem reachs a phenomenon:
How had done the photography of daily life?
Ah, I also am not clear that this character stems from He Fang truly after all. The photograph in the article comes from almost completely on the network, the opinion in the article also all kinds of strange things. I am not the opinion inside article of complete approve of, nevertheless so do the MM that laugh to film the article still is worth to have a look.
Means of settlement:
POSE practice lets camera and head show namely to highest state inclined be down 45 degrees of horn, following plan institute are shown (undeniable of course, the MM in the photograph really very PP) .
And resemble below this piece, unusual appearance resembles POSE and point of view, but the head and camera assume 90 degrees of role, it is the failure in failure simply.

A find a view is below the example of special failure. Problem of this piece of photograph depends on horizon exorbitant, MM has a kind to want to fall into the feeling in water, picture overbalance.

Below this piece of find a view is very successful, let horizon disappear in photo 1/3~1/2 place, look very harmonious, won't let a person feel MM wants the feeling that from photo drop out comes or defect goes in (so MM people when choosing hand of photography of for use of an emperor, give photograph to placing horizon mix beyond 1/3~1/2 eat confuse drunk weapon, give stoutly repulsive, infiltrate blacklist never employ, the fairy tale that must not believe their tear and thoroughly rectify one's errors make a person afresh)

Resemble below this piece of photograph, very the MM of PP did not place good POSE, appear foolish ugly, it is the immortal also cannot be saved really (the meeting is otherwise very good)

And the hand that this piece looks is out a person of academic or artistic distinction, MM head and strong light, camera did not form 90 degrees of right angle, clearer ground shows face outline to come out now, especially the line of sight shows a kind up very pure the expression with joy, looking also is professional model Lian Jiazi, MM people must morning and evening repeats 20 times in bed edge, fine be appreciative is met.

Resemble this piece, MM by from the back of walk-on to profane, really regrettablly dust

Again for instance this piece, looking to who give at all is safflower, who is greenery, feeling of a bit administrative levels is done not have, fail

And this piece is mixed well of walk-on pull open a distance, highlighted the PP of MM. But cameraman special failure, horizon is inclined, also remind MM at the same time people the gangmaster is when placing POSE inclined come over, not be to want you a body is inclined come over, GGDD can be frightened to run.
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