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8 take the stupid measure of good number photo
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The problem reachs a phenomenon:
How do good number photo film? Means of settlement:
Present digital camera function is more and more powerful, even camera of professional class optics does not have some functions, for example spoken parts in an opera adjusts evenly, surround evaluation of extent of type photography, setting mode photography, much drop to measure smooth, much dot to be opposite anxious reach deflection to be opposite anxious etc, and automatic exposure function is more and more powerful also and perfect, go up from the truth so inference, take the job that good picture is of course with digital camera it seems that, but it is so easy to be not actually.

  wants to take more good photo, take good photo below harsh ambient conditions especially, this hang on of your photography equipment to you be familiar with and understand deeply, can accomplish raise to its grow and avoid its are short, still need ABC of photography having a place and aesthetic accomplishment, more important is what still need to have experience is long-term accumulate, result can become naturally to ability, be not hands-down easy thing so. I am returned in digital photography respect is a recruit, experience is not much, the nail that touch is not little however, the photo that takes bit more approvingly often 100 must not one, serious memory is experienced, still also can sum up an a bit thing to come. Below a few " stupid action " referenced to still fumbling the shadow friend of experience perhaps has a place value. These stupid action are:

Pat concentration more

  is patted more, from macroscopical come up to tell even if be carried out more, accumulate experience more. From specific for might as well namely much screen test, get the better of with be more, be chosen more actor, perhaps film meticulously afresh after exploration gives optimum plan some setting. This is a stupid action, can be the unique skill that develops digital camera dominant position adequately really, optical photography friend does not have law. You look, optical camera photography should use film, do not have a law to know to be patted approvingly on the spot, should wash come out to just know. Be gotten the better of with be more, want to waste a large number of film necessarily, cost is too high, so optical photography friend often is cherish " lens " be like gold, do not press shutter easily, until essence thinks of thin volume ground to capture camera lens to pat on one piece, go back the ability after rinsing knows an outcome, if insufficient satisfaction that is difficult, time passes and the situation has changed wants to remedied to already had not enough time, so lad people often plaint optical photography is an art that is full of a regret.

Digital photography differred, video and uptodate store on the magnetic carrier inside machine, OK and uptodate time put observation, dissatisfactory expunction comes again is, this is the one large dominant position that the number photographs. So I now often is to decide a special subject first, around special subject make choice of a certain number of setting, every setting turns a few rounds round it first, draft condition of different point of view, different light (backlighting, suitable light, measure smooth, filling light to wait) below film plan, next with respect to fine long hair ground of not stint cherish takes without a break suddenly, sometimes same point of view also repeats with one party case pat on several pieces, stop to be put back and forth next, dissatisfactory camera lens on the spot with respect to cutout, often 10 go 78, leave 3 pieces two to make primary election gain only. Film again next next setting, make according to this bubble, till finish a special subject. Will tell commonly, pat on 229 even 449 camera lens also leave 779 pieces nevertheless. Hard disk is stocked after coming back, reoccupy ACDSee enlarge is answered put, cancel one part. The editor function that uses ACDSee next is answered put do preliminary image processing, it is to correct commonly deflective, 2 it is to try to cut into parts when necessary cut in order to perfect composition of a picture, 3 it is to use " automatic level " the function corrects the inadequacy that makes up for individual photo exposure to go up. Through this working procedure the following photo can consider as initial finished product, again recapture is answered to the enlarge on ACDSee put, too commonplace delete again, every such special subject also remain 229 pieces nevertheless even ten pieces.
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