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Take 10 experience of good sunrise sunset
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The problem reachs a phenomenon:
How to film good sunrise and sunset? Means of settlement:
One, preparation: Select appropriate site, right time, use appropriate equipment to film sunrise and sunset. Everybody knows sun Dong Shengxi to fall, and from left cross a sky right. Had considered to want to take certain effect beforehand when you, for example the rock that you think to use to need to give the ground serves as foreground, but the sun is not as it happens at the back of fall to it; The sun can move to miss this stone possibly to right, if your purpose is,asperse when sunshine fall project when going up to these rock, film it, you must move first so that left takes good picture.

2, appropriate season: Film the optimal season of sunrise and sunset is spring, autumn two season. This two season are later than the sunrise of summer, sunset is early, advantageous to filming, in age cloud layer more, can increase filmed result.

3, the cloud: The cloud is in nature is in filming to glance object, it can transmit the glow of the sun, changing ceaselessly thereby of work identical. Cloud also can serve as filmed main theme. But the case that should notice observation obscures appear when setting sun when the cloud; The light can be shot everywhere from cloud hind do make the photograph increases very moving result thereby. Rise when what too tired nucleus carries nearly green when, the cloud can appear one shines with the scenery of appearance also is to suit to film very much. Want to notice observation, shine from this gradually when the sun when appearing among the edge, should catch pat.

4, inverted image: Film surface inverted reflection in water can make the photograph of sunrise and sunset graces, quiet offing or lake face can mirror day aerial scenery. Present an if lens is medium same image, and the breeze that stroke passes surface always can disturb this kind of inverted image. A more dazzling light leaves on surface, arrive from horizon between the foreground of the picture draw the outline of gives a smooth abundant. Fall gradually when the sun when, this smooth road will be outspread before to you.

5, because of first. Direct to the sun, exposure reading always forbids. Such meetings bring about a picture to go up to have the sun only, and others however underexposure. Two kinds of methods can help you decide appropriate exposure reading. One kind is to let what the sun is in 3 inside viewfinder to differ first locally, take the average of reading of these 3 exposure next. Another kind of method is, the exposure reading when in the sky using your the top of head to film directly. Pat sunrise and sunset, use different exposure to meet what generation differs film the effect, the fluctuation that because this is optional,judges exposure reading is patted each photograph (increase first gear and contractible block a person) .

6, camera lens: Can film with any camera lens sunset. But if sun itself is appearance subject, should as far as possible use long focal distance. On 35 millimeter picture of the standard, the 1 / that the sun is focal length only 100. If be the standard camera lens of 50 millimeter, the size of the sun is merely 0. 5 millimeter, with the camera lens of 200 millimeter. The size of the sun is 2 millimeter, with 400 millimeter camera lens, the sun is 4 millimeter. Once the sun begins whereabouts, radial brightness will drop apparently, need you very quickly to use slow rate, hold in the palm with the hand lifting telephoto lens, very flabby calm. Accordingly, film when you when the sun, want to prepare to pay tripod.
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