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Raise 10 methods of picture quality
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The problem reachs a phenomenon:
Means of settlement:
How to obtain as far as possible perfect video be care of place of each person that photograph with pursuit. Although get perfect and video means a lot of. But attention and law of lower part of carry in order to are quite fundamental however.
One, choose equipment of high quality photography and film
Common saying says: Labour desire be apt to its thing, surely first benefit its implement. Same, should film the picture that gives high quality, the photography equipment that chooses use high quality and film are principal. Now, camera and camera lens sort are extremely various, should choosing an equal watch for an opportunity and camera lens is not an easy thing really, but having a bit is without doubt, that films according to yours namely subject matter, choose a great watch for an opportunity and a camera lens of high grade form a complete set as far as possible, this is right those who get high quality is extremely video have profit. As to film, the contrast sex of the speed as a result of film and film, latitude, granularity, analytic force, grey haze and save the function such as the gender to be in immanent connection, the film of low speed resembles the respect such as force, grey haze having bigger advantage in colour degree of saturation, granularity, solution, accordingly, to film choosing a principle is choose the film with small speed as far as possible.
2, exact exposure
Speed of set good shutter and aperture size, press shutter, make the light carries camera lens and film action in the instant of shutter open, this is exposure. Exposure looks be like simple, it is quite significant technology control however actually, it affects the density of negative directly not only, and still can be opposite the generation influence such as video colour, definition, grain and administrative levels. Accurate exposure hang on measures light well and truly, master the principle measuring light of of all kinds actinometer adroitly, can be in all sorts of filming that state and requirement are opposite to measure smooth numerical value to make be being amended reasonably is to have exact exposure indispensable.
3, accurate right anxious
We can encounter so awkward phenomenon sometimes: A piece of negative is making small-sized photograph a short while, principal part is quite clear; And become when enlarge take a moment considerably, the clear position on the photograph falls in main body however besides, main body submits ambiguous form. The generation of this kind of phenomenon often is when filming, be opposite anxious not accurate be caused by. Using an elephant this kinds of 135 flake pair of Jiao Zhun are accomplished to be weighed particularly truly when camera should. General, should accomplish accurate must notice to Jiao Bi the following at 2 o'clock: (1) use as far as possible be opposite times higher anxious ocular, magnify filmed video alignment is opposite truly times higher Jiao Youji's great help. (2) need to be opposite carefully especially when use wide-angle lens anxious, must not think the depth of field of wide-angle lens is big and careless is right anxious. In fact, accurate right anxious when using telephoto lens, accomplish very easily, and when using wide-angle lens however often more difficult.
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